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There weren't too many things that I planned about our wedding before Matt and I got engaged. Since we had only minimally discussed the scale of wedding we wanted to that point, I knew there were lists of pros and cons on yellow legal pads in our future.

The most important item on both sides of that page was budget. The second, though, for me (and him by default) was how we could make an environmentally friendly wedding.

The impact on the earth that my life makes has been an important issue to me for many years, and to plan such an enormous life event without considering it would have seemed very disingenuous to me.

Close friends of mine had a beautiful environmentally conscious (and budget friendly to boot!) wedding almost two years ago, and I've allowed her example to help shape that vision for our big day.

The other resource I've relied on is The Green Bride Guide. I may have had this book in my Amazon cart just waiting for the day we got engaged. And perhaps I ordered it before then. I devoured the book in about a week. My copy is highlighted and dog-eared. There are so many great tips for creating your wedding on your budget without chastising your friends and family for not being as green as you. There are great DIY suggestions, along with other helpful websites to utilize as resources for planning your day. Through one of those sites, I connected with my fabulous wedding planner, Meena of 5th Avenue Weddings, who is helping me green this gig up.

One of my favorite eco-centric projects so far has been our gift registries. Putting on my environmentalist hat first, and my “oooooh, that's pretty!” hat second, I've chosen three major retailers that have many eco-friendly/recycled/organic options. I love the items that I've chosen, and, if one of our guests chooses to get us a gift, I hope that they'll notice the green theme. I like that they have some options as well.

environmentally friendly wedding
One of my many eco picks, courtesy of

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I'm Ashley, a 31 year old witty, sarcastic New Yorker planning a wedding on a studio apartment-sized budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I consider myself a Brooklyn girl, and I fell in love with a Queens boy, who I will marry on July 5, 2013. He's as witty and sarcastic as I am, and he's awesome.

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