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Cake Vs. Cupcakes

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I love baked goods.  I love cake.  I love pie.  I love cake pops.  I love cobbler.  I love cupcakes. I love pie pops.  I love most anything that falls into any other categories not mentioned. With that being said, dessert options for our wedding seemed endless, and (unlike most of my planning) actually fun to think about!

cake cupcakes

Being a BSB, the thought of spending several hundred dollars on a HUGE wedding cake seemed slightly ridiculous on a limited budget. One of my wedding pet-peeves is also seeing an entire table of pieces of cake that go untouched at the reception, even after cake-cutting fees that the venue may charge have been tacked on (if applicable, which luckily for us they aren’t)– That just seems so wasteful!  For the record, I NEVER skip the cake!

cupcakesI have a co-worker who has started a cake pop business, and what’s more fun than that?!  The idea of a“cookie table” was very appealing, but many of our out-of-town guests wouldn’t be able to really contribute.  There are so many creative options with cupcakes and one of my bridesmaids’ friends runs a private baking business out of her home, which could definitely have saved the expense of a high-end bakery.  My more traditional side still struggles a little with the fact of not having a cake, even with a cobbler included in our Southern Meal Extravaganza.  My internal conflict on the desserts was quickly put in its place when we met with our venue coordinator and learned of a $250 fee that the venue charges if you choose to use an unlicensed baker.  This is something that I would have never thought to ask if it hadn’t come up in conversation.  This pretty much struck out my DIY options in the dessert area, or even using the private cake-baker or co-worker assistance.


After a lot of back and forth (with myself mostly), I’ve decided to stick with cupcakes and just have a very small cake for Eric & I to cut at the reception.  Where Gigi’s Cupcakes and some of the more popular bakeries in town can charge up to $4 per cupcake (putting serving prices right up there with the big ole’ “fancy” cakes), I found a bakery in Germantown called Cupcake Collection, that only charges $1.50 per cupcake, no matter how many you order…. PERFECT!  Publix Bakery produces very tasty cakes, and I can also get a very affordable “decadent dessert” or mini wedding cake there to cut in place of the 3-tier work of art that some opt for.


As things progress, I’m feeling better about my cupcake decision.  I can have several different flavors to make sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone, and we also have cobbler included with the meal (which also makes me feel like I don’t need as many cupcakes).  There are a lot of cute tablescapes that you can put together with cupcakes, which is also exciting.

What is better than a cupcake?  A late night cupcake prepared “to go” in a cute little cheap box placed close to the door after the reception!  This will cut back on my leftover cake pet-peeve, and I think it’s also pretty considerate for the guests.





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