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The Dreaded Wedding Website

I really fought making a wedding website, but it just had to happen. In the past I’ve found it both cute and slightly annoying when people make the websites, have a drawn out ten page story about their first meeting, their first kiss, their this, their that… I feel like there’s a fine line between giving some precious background information and boring people to death. It's just simply not the way we roll. Two months ago I finally caved in and did it, primarily for pure function.

It was time to start making decisions on invitations, and after a little poking around online a “green” RSVP seemed like the way to go for us. First of all, I have been stressed out about RSVP cards (and everything else) since before the invitations were even a distant thought, and not having to deal with snail mail seems a lot easier for me. With so many out-of-towners the idea of having the RSVPs, ceremony & reception details, accommodations and tourist information all in the same place SEEMS like it should simplify the whole ordeal and save us quite a bit of cash.

After some research and trial/error I decided to create a site with Nearlyweds. There were several free options (and free is always great), but after going through them the RSVP function and designs that Nearlyweds offers seemed like a better fit for us. I also liked that I could only include sections that we wanted, and therefore have been able to nix the first meeting story and anything else we just simply weren’t interested in. With a little simple math it was clear that even with paying the low monthly fee, it’s still going to save us a bundle on not incurring the cost of printing the RSVP cards and all of the other extra details, the little envelopes to mail them back in, and of course the additional postage.DISCLAIMER: I’m just on the front side of the RSVP’ing. I will update you if my magic “fix all” option turns into a nightmare.

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is a Nashville bride who planned a rustic barn wedding on a $12k budget. Read more of her wedding planning posts here.