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Engagement Party Ambush

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Engagement Party
The sneaky bridesmaid we arrived with.

This is probably one of the least useful posts that I’ve submitted, but sometimes (as in the wedding planning process), a bride just needs to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy some things along the way. The same weekend as a bridal shower that I’d thrown for a friend, some of our great bridesmaids and friends put on a surprise engagement party for us… Well, I say “us,” but I guess the party was actually Eric’s sneaky idea put into action by a few shiesty bridesmaids. We had 25-30 people attend, including surprise guests even from New York City and Tampa, all waiting at Maggiano’s when we arrived with another couple for what I thought was a routine pasta feast. My thanks go out to a GREAT group of friends, which made for a spectacular night… even if I wasn’t prepared attire-wise, wearing cowboy boots and little makeup (typical)!

Engagement Party
I had no idea!

Before the party, a few friends had a mentioned that we should have an engagement dinner, but with the busy schedule that Eric & I keep, I kind of blew it off. After the party, my attitude on this made a quick turnaround. I firmly believe now that an engagement party is a wonderful way to welcome in the engagement (and ring-gawking) and serves as a necessary reminder of the true goal of the whole process: joining your fiancé in marriage, surrounded by friends and family. For me, sometimes slowing down and enjoying the moment is something that I need reminded of, or in this case, forced/tricked into.

What do you think– Have an engagement party, or save the money for the wedding?  I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

Engagement Party


Engagement Party


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