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Hey there! I hope you're all having a fabulous week. On Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting a holiday photo session for my sister’s husband’s family at India Point Park, a beautiful harborside park on the outskirts of Providence, RI. Although the sky was overcast, the weather held out, and we were able to get some great shots! Afterward, my sister Erin was nice enough to spend some time taking some pictures of Matt and me. One thing you should know about me: I despise having my picture taken! As a photographer, I’m much more comfortable behind the camera, but I’m trying to getting better at standing in front of it.  😳

Erin’s got a good eye and a knack for Photoshop, and as a result, I will soon have have a bunch of great shots that we can use for wedding stuff, social media, and of course, to share with you all!  Here’s a sneak peak of my faves:

planning a wedding


planning a wedding


planning a wedding


The photo session was awesome AND free, which brings me to an important point: friends and family are a great resource when planning a wedding.  Through their simple gifts of time and elbow grease (along with an insane amount of talent-just ask, you’ll find it!), a handful of important people can lighten the load, ease the stress, and help make your wedding visions a reality, all while helping to keep your budget in check.

Looking to add some supporting members to your DIT brigade, but unsure of the best way to utilize their time and talent? Just pop the question! Something along the lines of “Hey, I’m thinking of doing this. Are you comfortable helping me?” works perfectly. Most people in your life will want to help, but may not know where/how to contribute. Asking a neutral question like this one does wonders to facilitate a conversation about your wedding needs and will *hopefully* open up the door for the other party to discuss what they can/want to do to help.

Most importantly, make sure that your wedding team feels appreciated. A simple, genuine thank you works wonders, but if you can carve out a little time to spend with your favorite people, what a bonus! One of my favorite experiences came as a result of helping Erin prep for her wedding. A few weeks prior to the big day, she asked me to tag along to her final fitting and then do some last-minute shopping. Getting to spend some one-on-one time with her as she tried on her dress was such an honor, and the time spent catching up as we shopped was invaluable to me…we laughed the day away!

P.S. If extra help from your friends and family is not an option, there are tons of viable alternatives out there…you just have to keep searching, and never be afraid to ask questions! So far, I’ve found a potential ceremony musician on Craiglist for $100/hr, a makeup artist and a DJ on Yelp (both came highly recommended and at approximately 50% less than the better-known vendors in the area), and a co-worker who will bakes beautiful, full-sized cupcakes for $2.00/each.

Have you had success rallying your friends and family to join your wedding team? How are/were they helping y'all pull it off?

Have a great week!


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Shannon is a sales representative, photographer, and student living in tiny Rhode Island. She and her fiancé, Matt, have been inseparable since they met in the fifth grade. In their spare time, they are working to update their tiny bungalow, and of course, plan their wedding, set for May 31, 2014!

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  • You guys look great!! Love your outfit! 🙂

  • Your photos are darling! And, great tip on utilizing the skills of family and friends. I think another way to make those helping feel appreciated is thanking them publicly (whether at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding if appropriate).

  • These are great! I love your bird sweater!!!

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