Extreme Cheapskate Wedding Favors

A few weeks ago I was at work and the wine & gift boutique down the street from our shop began tossing out boxes of “damaged” items. Thirty-five bars of chardonnay soap nicely boxed and tossed out because they no longer had labels. At first thought, these soaps would be an easy DIY project and a great addition to our Welcome Bags. The wine fragranced soap also coordinated with our gifted wine bottles which tie it all together!

Here’s how I made these soap labels.

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First, I searched images for apothecary labels and found these vintage style labels designed by Cathe Holden from WorldLabel.com. The zip file downloaded two pages of labels and Chuckles choose the one he liked best. I took a screen shot of the image and pasted it in to a new Paint document to crop & resize.  Then I opened a new Word document and defined my page margins to get maximum space on each page, then I copied the label in to my document. The soap bars measured just over 3” tall and I used my ruler in Word as a guide to stretch my image height. I re-colored the image to purple and copied & pasted the image over and over filling the page. Next, I inserted a Text Box, formatted the text to my liking, and repositioned the box to the center of the labels.

diy soap favors

The soaps retailed at $7.00 each, but I scored them free.  You could also make handmade soap yourself, or have them made cheaply in your color or theme. I also used a total of 3 pages of white cardstock I already had in my craft stash, as well as, some raffia I found a month back at the thrift store for 15 cents. I am no computer whiz, but I had fun creating these and printing them from home. Chuckles packaged the soap favors with a label in a clear plastic bag and tied the bags off with raffia. We assembled them this way to prevent smells from transferring to other items in our guest’s bags.

Do you think my trash to treasure is Budget Savvy or Extreme Cheapskate?

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