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Happy FRIDAY lovelies!!! So, let me just go ahead and confess, I plum wore myself OUT earlier this week running all over the city for National Stationery Show stuff and apartment hunting. So much so that I ended up laid up in bed for the last few days. My poor feet felt like they were gonna fall off! (That's what I get for going for CUTE shoes over COMFORTABLE ones!) I honestly think I pulled something in my right calf, not to mention the commuting in and out of the city, going to bed LATE and getting up EARLY just really put me down for the count. So all that to say, I didn't make it back to NSS for another round of paper stalking which makes me uber sad. Luckily I'm feeling a little better today so E and I are heading back to the city for more apartment hunting. Apparently I'm a glutton for punishment… but really we are just eager to get a place and get settled so we can figure out what ‘normal life' here in NY looks like for us!


In other personal news I was forced convinced by my dad to try out this program called the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare. He recently signed up as an advisor and was having great results with it, so he offered a 24 Day Challenge kit to me, for free. I thought, What could it hurt? It's free! Little risk involved, right? Well, I'm so glad I tried it. I'm on day 12 of 24 (halfway there!!) and I'm down 8 lbs!! For those curious, the products involved are created to reset your metabolism, help digestion and nutrient absorption with a combo of supplements, drinks, and shakes. I've always had digestive tummy troubles (sorry for the TMI) and since starting the challenge I've been really happy with the way my tummy feels AND looks- I've lost significant inches in my midsection already. One thing I really have enjoyed is that I get to eat real food and plenty of it- no starving yourself or only relying on protein shakes for sustenance. Their products work in conjunction with a healthy diet to give great results. I can't wait to see where I end up at the end of 24 days! I am enjoying Advocare so much I decided to sign up as a distributor to get a discount, and I'm ALSO thinking about giving away a 24 Day Challenge kit here on the blog! What do you think about that- would you be interested in trying the Challenge?

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This post about creating color palettes from Burnett's Boards is insanely helpful if you're still stuck on your wedding color scheme.

In love with this gorgeous peach and blue wedding over on Every Last Detail!

Love all the wedding inspiration over on Le Magnifique this week, especially this Amelie inspired wedding shoot!

Love this post over on Snippet and Ink about the budget breakdowns of bouquet styles!

This post over on OnceWed features a gorgeous chair garland DIY!


Some great wedding coupons thanks to our friends at

Another matter of business… I've been chatting with my developer about adding forums to the site so you gals (and guys?) can interact more, and share ideas and advice with each other! Is this something that would be of interest to you? I think we have such a great community here on BSB and I would love to give you all more of a way to interact, share, and connect with other fabulous BSB readers! Answer the poll! 🙂

That about does it for me, ladies! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!!




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