Finding the Perfect Budget Wedding Shoe

I am very picky when it comes to shoes. I especially dislike peep toes, a style that seems to pervade most bridal shoes.   Unfortunately, during my shoe search, all of the perfect styles were ending up in the $200 range.  After several months of being unable to find anything that worked in my budget, I decided to take the chance and look on eBay. To my delight, a pair of Benjamin Adams “Liza” shoes were selling for $45!  Originally they retailed at $179, but they’re now on clearance for $90 on the Benjamin Adams website, if you’re interested. They look perfect with my dress and despite being slightly too big, they’ll be wonderful on my wedding day.


Of course, not everyone will be able to find the right shoe on eBay, although I do recommend trying. However, I did have a lot of back up options that I had discovered online. Modcloth, ShopRuche, DSW, and 6pm are all great places to find cute shoes inexpensively. You can usually find coupons or sales running on those sites. The Ruffled blog “Recycle Your Wedding” site is also a good place to look for used wedding shoes. A lot of them are great designer finds as well. These are some examples of cute, inexpensive shoes that would be perfect options for a bridal shoe. If I hadn’t found the Benjamin Adams shoes, I probably would have purchased the silver ModCloth shoes. Where do you find budget savvy shoes?

ModCloth $29.99, 6pm $24.99, DSW $49.95

ModCloth $29.99, 6pm $24.99, DSW $49.95

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