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This is NOT what I want my pictures to look like!

Ladies, wedding planning is getting serious lately! I’m officially 4.5 months away from the wedding date, so it’s getting to be that time when we have to really get down and dirty with the finances. So I’m a little bit of a stressy jessy lately…but I’ll save that for another post! Today, I wanted to share with you some tips on finding a photographer. I have been lucky enough to find an AMAZING photographer!

When we did the wedding budget breakdown, photography was something Matt and I agreed we didn’t want to sink a ton of money into. This is really uncommon I think. Most brides I talk to say its one of their most important splurges. Well, I’ve looked at a lot of wedding pictures and really they are all so similar. If the wedding itself is awesome the pictures will be awesome. That’s my thinking.

Also, NOT what I want my pictures to look like!

So I started looking for a photographer by asking around to friends. Chances are someone will have a friend who they trust and does photography. Well, I hit the jack pot. One friend of mine said she had a friend who just recently got into doing photography professionally, so she hadn’t done any weddings yet, but she has been doing photography on the side for years. Since she was new to the business and had no wedding examples to show me, I got a ridiculously good deal!!

What I want to see in my pictures!

So why would I pick/trust someone to capture my wedding day that couldn’t show me any wedding examples? Becausethe best photographers get their talents naturally. They have a natural eye for getting the best shot and most candid emotions on film. My photographer has this! The pictures she did show me were everything I wanted, emotional, spontaneous and unique. So what if they weren’t taken at a wedding. I have since looked at pictures from other photographers who would charge me 10X more and they can’t compare to the natural talent seen in her pictures. Also, the reason I wanted to go with a young photographer is so that they wouldn’t already have a pre-determined idea for what wedding shots should be. I don’t want my wedding shots to look just like every other wedding as far as angles and poses go. I want them to be unique and reflect the occasion. In other words, I didn’t want my photographer on auto pilot the whole time and missing the important moments.

This is also what I want to see in my pictures!



So my advice, just because they are regulars in the wedding circuit, doesn’t mean they are YOUR best choice. And ask around in your group of friends. Getting someone that you know is trustworthy means a lot!




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