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The jury is in, and the wedding garb selected, the down payment made and the worry about it arriving abated.  Not too bad for being engaged for less than a month.  But it didn’t begin that way.  Far from it.

Originally, when I began thinking about a dress, it was one area that I was planning on “cutting corners” on.  Initially, I couldn’t understand why I would spend more than a minimal amount for a dress I would wear once.   It didn’t seem “practical” and for those who know me, practical may as well be my middle name.  It took me a little while to understand that my dress was not simply what I was wearing.  For each person involved, it meant something else.

For my dad, it is the dress I will wear when he hands me off to the care of another man.

For my mom, it is the garment I wear as I stand before all of our loved ones to celebrate the decision of my life.

For my Fiancé, it’s what I will be wearing when we say yes to forever, a gift crafted for him.

So, it was with this understanding that I embarked on my first big wedding activity-dress shopping.

Choosing a Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: My mom

There were a few things I knew I wanted in a dress: I wanted lace…I love lace.  I wanted classic, but not traditional.  Lastly, I wanted something that fit within my budget.

Choosing a Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: My mom

During that adventure, I learned some very valuable things that I hope to pass on to you.

First-Wedding dresses stand up by themselves…no joke.  Take them off the hanger and they just sit there, ready for you to step into.

Second-There is no end to the styles, designers and prices to match and make you choke on your much needed coffee.

Choosing a Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: My mom

Third-Apparently, there is a time frame associated with the ordering of and receiving back of a dress…and that was a time frame that is not kind to planning a wedding in six months.

Between the fabric, name and time frame, the price of a wedding dress can and will jump up.

Choosing a Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: My mom

First, that lace I wanted so much…if a dress has a lace hem, it can add hundreds to alterations.

Second-all the dresses I had looked at online were apparently part of a Couture line and guess what, that jacked up the price as well.

So, after this encouraging talk with my consultant, I was a little discouraged walking into the back room.  Now, I’m going to stop with the detail here, because my dear Fiancé is wonderfully supportive and reads what I write and he doesn’t need any hints ;).

Needless to say, I did find an amazing dress.  The two remaining challenges were ordering time and price.  If I were to order a new dress, it wouldn’t arrive until the end of March.  I’m getting married April 13th.  2 weeks for arrival and alterations, yeah, that is not happening.  And it was a little out of my budget.  What is a girl to do once she has found the dress of her dreams?  Ask about the floor sample!  The sample they had in just happened to be the size I needed.  It had only been tried on twice before me.  So, I asked the great people of Glitz Bridal located in Bellevue if they would sell me the floor model.  They agreed and took 10% off because it was a sample!

Not only did this give me my dress in plenty of time, but it brought it just into my budget range, allowing me to get the dress of my dreams.  Glitz also has a great program that when purchasing a dress they have in stock, they only require a $100 deposit and I have 60 days to pay the amount in full, which eliminated the need for a credit card.  Also, Ashley, my consultant recommended a single hoop slip to keep me from getting too hot.  Rather than purchasing it, I’m renting it for $25, seeing as I won’t have a whole lot of reason to wear it later on.

Choosing a Wedding Dress
Photo Credit: My mom

Well, long story long, don’t write off a choosing a wedding dress just because it seems unrealistic at first glance.  Check your options, get creative and work with great people!

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    Date twins!

  • Heather Leacy

    My dress was a quick sale floor sample too. I’m excited to see your pictures! 🙂 I’m sure you will be stunning.

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    Amen to Heather!

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