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As promised, I'm back today sharing a review of HowAboutWe for couples and the super fun date that E and I went on last weekend!

As you're planning the big day, of course there are fun things you get to do together like engagement parties and showers or registering for gifts, so you'll inevitably be spending lots of time together. Once you're married, it's so very important to continue to include romance, surprises, and fun into your relationship. YES, I'm talking about DATE NIGHTS! Let's face it – you spend all this time planning the wedding, and then afterwards you need a new project. What better project than your marriage!


E & I are rapidly approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary (WHAT?!!) I can tell you first hand, it's easy to fall into routines or even ruts when you're married if you're not intentionally working to make each other a priority. Everyone's lives are SO busy between work, friends, family commitments, housework, errands, bills, etc – sometimes taking that special time together as a couple gets pushed to the wayside, and the relationship can be taken for granted. With everything else going on, planning fun or special dates together can be stressful or time consuming, plus there's also the money involved to consider. It might feel like a chore or just something else on your to-do list, and it absolutely shouldn't be that way! That's why I was so excited to hear about HowAboutWe for Couples!


HowAboutWe is a company that helps people fall in love and stay in love. Although it started as an online dating site, it has since expanded with HowAboutWe for Couples — a service that gets people in relationships on wonderful dates, tailored for two! HowAboutWe for Couples helps you go on exciting new dates on the regular. It's available in many cities across the US- one of them being NYC! As y'all know my hubs and I recently moved to The Big Apple and with the fast-paced feel of this city it seems we're busier than ever! Being *new* New Yorkers, we wanted to find ways to explore the city and all it has to offer while also having our date nights, but the endless options left me overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start! That's where HowAboutWe came to my rescue.


I logged on to HowAboutWe to browse the available dates and found SO many interesting ones! I favorited ones I would like to try, as well as ones I thought E would enjoy! (Relationships are all about compromise, y'all!) They have dates to suit every budget: from concert tickets, dinners at swanky restaurants, comedy shows, city tours, and even simple dates like going for ice cream. I'm a total movie / TV / pop culture nerd– so one of my BIG wishlist dates is doing one of the NYC Movie Site Tours! Commence geeking out!



how about we date options


I had E join me one night to look over our options and choose our first date. In general, we love to eat out and try new restaurants and we tend to be pretty low-key or casual with our dates (unless it's a special occasion) – so the date to watch an NFL football game over burgers and beer at The Smithfield sounded like the perfect date for us! We were sold! 🙂 Here were the deets on our date:


how about we the smithfield


I ‘booked' the date on the site, and the HowAboutWe concierge contacted me to schedule it- they took care of the reservation and everything! On Sunday, we showed up, mentioned HowAboutWe and the hostess escorted us to our reserved table. Being Tennessee Titans fans who live in NYC, we haven't gotten to watch many games since they don't get airtime here, so we were excited to get to watch our boys play! To the dismay of some of our fellow patrons, the Smithfield honored our request to play the Titans game on the TVs in the bar. I totally wouldn't have blamed them for telling us no, but since we had requested that specific game on our HowAboutWe date they courteously obliged. Otherwise, I bet you money we'd have been overruled– so thanks HowAboutWe!! 🙂


how about we for couples


Although the Titans ended up playing poorly and we had to witness an embarrassing loss, we still enjoyed the atmosphere along with some tasty draft beers and delicious burgers. E & I are both huge fans of a big juicy burger, and the Smithfield's creations were top-notch. I think they sprinkled some rosemary on their french fries which made them extra tasty. Please excuse my low-quality iPhone photos 😉


how about we for couples date


Overall, we had a great time, and I love that it took so little effort on our part to come up with! Since I booked our date with a promo code I'd received via email, our date was free! All we had to cover was tax + tip on our meal! I love that HowAboutWe has so many unique and fun experiences to offer as dates- and they literally take care of all the details! It allows us to explore NYC and experience new things, it's a great value because you get such personal service as well as exclusive discounts and other perks of membership, and lastly it's incredibly easy and so convenient to put our relationship first. I'm definitely adding lots of dates to our wishlist to try!

You can sign up for free and browse their collection of dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle (they'll be adding new cities soon). For sharing my review, HowAboutWe has given me a promo exclusively for BSB readers to get $50 off your first date if you sign up through my link! All the links within this post include the promo so if you're interested, use it to get $50 off! (For every person who signs up with my link, HowAboutWe will give me some credit towards future dates as well– free dates are definitely budget savvy!!) E and I look forward to using HowAboutWe in the future to add a little romance and adventure to our date nights!

NOTE: HowAboutWe for Couples is a membership service. It's free to join and browse dates. Membership is $18/mo and includes up to 75% discounts on dates, Couples Rewards, and “Free with membership” dates a month. You receive a free 30-day trial when you book a date at the members price. You may cancel at any time by emailing [email protected]

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  • J.Mill

    First of all, you have a lovely blog!

    Secondly, can you help me with How About We Couples?

    You can sign up for How About We Couples for free, but…. then they charge you a membership fee of $18/month.

    I bought one date ONCE for my husband and me and now have a recurring credit card charge. I didn’t sign up for a paid membership and there is not mention of the charge when you buy a date. It says “free for 30 days” but then doesn’t have any mention of a charge after that. There is no way to cancel once you are signed up and there is not way to remove your credit card information on their site. They require you to email the company and many people on message boards have not heard back regarding their cancellation.

    I was wondering if you were in collaboration with How About We and if you could advocate for the users caught up in the scammy site? Can you ask them to allow people to cancel or to be more transparent about the charges?

    I liked the date, I just don’t like the business. 🙁

    • Hi J.Mill — thanks for your comments and so sorry that you had that experience! I’ve reached out to HowAboutWe for Couples, and someone will be contacting you now. They say they typically respond to all emails within 24 hours, and you may cancel at any time.

      We love HowAboutWe for Couples, but I can see why you were confused about the membership experience. I’m going to clarify my post right now and I know HowAboutWe would love to hear your feedback on how this could have been more clear on the site itself.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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