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Five Lessons I've Learned From Watching Bridezillas

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I’ve been a long time viewer of the show Bridezillas. When I watched it before I was engaged, it was one of those guilty pleasure shows where I could laugh at someone screaming over something seemingly silly like a veil being half a shade off. The first time I watched it after beginning the adventure that is wedding planning, I felt something different: understanding. Guurrrrl, I feel ya, this is stressful! Now that I’m less than 2 weeks away from my wedding (the time frame they film the brides in) I’m re-watching some episodes to remind myself to hold onto my sanity.


#1 Perfection isn’t worth the trouble.

Many Bridezilla meltdowns happen when something happens that messes with the bride’s idea of perfect. Like when a bridesmaid (ie: Bride’s close friend or family member) doesn’t have identical hair.

bridesmaids hair is off


#2 You cannot control people

Sometimes people are just gonna act a fool. Sometimes people are gonna get on your nerves. You can’t control people, but you can control how you react to them.

Deep breaths, ladies!


#3 Get stuff done ASAP

When you haven’t picked a wedding party, counted your RSVPs or picked out a bakery for the cake by the time it’s a week before the wedding, you’ll probably be super stressed out.

Except that tomorrow is the day before your wedding, and maybe you should have your rings by now
Except that tomorrow is the day before your wedding, and maybe you should have your rings by now


#4 Be. Nice.

Listen, we all know wedding planning is stressful. Be prepared for things to not go your way, and for things to mess up. People are more likely to help you if you’re nice, and vendors are more likely to fix the problem and give you discounts when something goes wrong.

While standing next to the seamstress that's fixing the problem
Maybe don’t threaten the seamstress’s life while she’s fixing the problem in front of you….


#5 Remember what this wedding thing is all about: Marrying the love of your life!

Bridezillas are often shouting about “It’s MY day!” and chewing out their men. Not a very nice way to start a marriage.

Where are they now? Divorced...
Where are they now? Divorced…


is a preschool teacher. When she's not working, studying, or wedding planning, she can be found treasure hunting at thrift stores, drawing, reading, hiking, and camping.