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(Um… if you’re my dad don’t read this post until after July 5th!)

As our wedding rapidly (and boy do I mean rapidly! Less than one month to go!) approaches, I’ve given a lot of thought to the gifts I’d like to give the people most important to me to show my appreciation for their support on the big day.

Father’s Day is coming up on me even faster than the walk down the aisle, and while I’d already chosen a great gift for June 16th, I needed to surprise my dad with something extra special for the wedding. While my father always is appreciative of gifts from me on birthdays and holidays, I know that unless it’s somehow related to golf, another present may just go unused. The best gift I’ve ever gave him was a celebration for his retirement from the Air Force a few years ago – I wrote a short essay about what his military service meant to me and it was published in a magazine – and it’s pretty impossible to ever top that.

For my wedding day, I wanted to give my dad something that was classy and personal, but also something he would use again. He’s more of a jeans, t-shirt and hat kind of a guy than a suit and tie, but when I got the suggestion of monogrammed cuff links, and I quickly became obsessed with finding the perfect pair. Cuff links, while not something he’ll wear more than a few times a year, are a masculine but sentimental choice because he can wear them the day of the wedding, solidifying the memory of when he walked me down the aisle each time he puts them on.

I tooled around a few sites before I found a pair of cuff links that I just love – and I know he will too. I found this great pair on Blue Nile — the Beveled Cushion Cuff Links in sterling silver — at a bank account-friendly price of $98 (on sale from $160)! To monogram his initials – GJG – is only an additional $6, and the entire price tag includes free shipping (and who doesn’t love that?!). I love the beveled-edge design, which has a nice, tailored look, without being over-the-top formal. Like Dad.

gift ideas for the father for the bride
Photo courtesy of Blue Nile

Shopping for my dad has always been a bit of a challenge, but I’m so excited to give these to him… before he gives me to my groom.

Like my pick? Any other budget-friendly gift ideas for the father for the bride?


I was introduced to Blue Nile through a member of their PR team, but all opinions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for a positive review.

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I'm Ashley, a 31 year old witty, sarcastic New Yorker planning a wedding on a studio apartment-sized budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I consider myself a Brooklyn girl, and I fell in love with a Queens boy, who I will marry on July 5, 2013. He's as witty and sarcastic as I am, and he's awesome.

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  • Nicki

    So, my hubs lost his wedding ring a while back (an fancy, engraved gold one). For our 12th anniversary last month, I gave him a really cool titanium carbide one. Inexpensive, but looks awesome. They have titanium carbide link bracelets too (Amazon), that could be a good dad-present. Excited for you, Ashley, it’s been fun following your planning.

  • Cool! Thanks! New hubs picked Titanium too.

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