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Let Them Eat Cake (Or Not!)

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Okay, I like a good piece of cake just as much as the next person… but it’s not really my “thing.” I’m not one to order dessert at a restaurant or curl up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream after dinner. Maybe it’s the calorie counter inside of me, but it’s never been one of my favorite treats. (In other words, I’d much rather have a nice glass of wine or fruity beer…)

Anyway, I never dreamed of a tiered wedding cake with ornate edible designs. I knew from the beginning of the wedding planning process that I wanted to serve my guests cupcakes, pie, truffles, chocolate chip cookies….maybe some cake. It did not begin as a cost cutting measure, but then I realized just how budget savvy a dessert table really could be!

My inspiration:

dessert table

dessert table

dessert table

[These pictures were randomly collected – If you know where they’re from, please let me know!]

Don’t get me wrong, I will still have a small cake to cut and to hold a cake topper, but I think the variety of a dessert table not only looks great… but tastes pretty amazing too. And, when I decide on the small cake that my groom and I can cut on our big day, this will sit atop it:

dessert table

My first ETSY purchase!

What are you serving your guests for dessert?

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