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Fun Date Ideas to Keep The Honeymoon Phase Alive

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No matter what stage you are at in your relationship, from married with kids to 6 months in and comfortable, let August aka National Romance Awareness Month be the month that you put aside some special time for the one you love!

BPR Kissing Couple

We all adore that first stage in a relationship where the dinner dates are weekly and the flowers are always fresh, and we’ve got some perfect date ideas for you. That’s why the love gurus at Blueprint Registry have pulled together the best ways to keep the romance alive this summer! So c’mon, keep reading, they’ve already done the brainstorming for you.

Boatbound Couple on Water

1. A Day On The Water

With summer quickly fading into the fall, soak up one of these last sunny weekends on the water. I know what you’re thinking, “well obviously if I had a boat, I would already be spending my weekends on it!” Well, no boat? No problem. With Boatbound, you and your boo can easily spend a day on the water, wherever you are. *Bonus: Most boats come with the option to take a captain along, so you two can keep the bubbly flowing all evening.


Natural Retreats Smoky Mtns.

2. A Different Destination

We all love our trips to the closest beach and hey, it’s not a bad idea for a great summer weekend! But to stick to our theme of the honeymoon phase, spice it up and adventure off somewhere new with the honey. Why not try a destination that offers a combination of both nature and luxury? With companies like Natural Retreats you’ve got it, they have selections of hand-picked homes across the U.S. in amazing locations. When you arrive you can call up the Xplore team and have an adventure itinerary catered to how you wanna spend your weekend away. From a cabin in the mountains with a bottle of moonshine to a lakefront cottage that will leave you bonding until sunrise, your relationship will appreciate it as much as you enjoy it!


3. Drive-In Movie Theatre

Take a step back from the busy city go for a classic date idea. A drive-in movie is a great way to get out for a movie date and enjoy it from the comfort (and privacy, wink wink) of your own front seat. With timeless drive-in theatres across the country, you’ll surely find one that fits in your plans. Pack their favorite snacks and sweets (and wine, never forget the wine) for your cozy night out together!


4. Karaoke Bar

Flashback Friday to the best nights in college when you were almost sure it couldn’t have been you singing those beautiful notes but no it was really you! And also no..they weren’t that beautiful! Don’t spend another night out at a packed club or boring bar, because where is the romance there! Be brave and find your local karaoke bar, you’ll be sure to have free live entertainment and hey, some free laughs too! Wanna get real lovey-dovey? Sing their favorite song, just make sure to practice in the shower before you leave…gotta warm up those vocal chords for this date. Check out Travel + Leisure’s top picks for karaoke bars across the U.S. and text your other half, you’ve got plans this Saturday!


Blueprint Registry Wine

5. Wine-Tasting Together

You had me at wine….Isn’t that some famous movie line? Well if not, it should be! Take your love for the finer things and make a romantic night of it. Sample new tastes together and you’ll be sure to find a few bottles to bring back home. The options are endless for award winning wineries across the country. Feeling the wine but have already done the winery? Find the closest Paint Nite location near you and get to sipping while embracing your creative side. Not only will you have a great evening together but a new piece of artwork to spice up your home decor.


Hope you enjoy these fun date ideas! Do you have any others you’d recommend?



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