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I hope you all are ready for the newest BS-WOW! πŸ™‚ This farm wedding comes from GA, and has such a great spirit to it. The couple pulled off this beautiful wedding for around $5,000 by enlisting the help of family and friends! xoxo Jessica

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LaShanna + Jason

What was your budget?

Our budget was $5,000 for our wedding of about 130 guests . That didn't include our honeymoon (our wedding gift from Jason's parents) , or Jason's suit (we bought that). I think we managed to stay very close to the budget that my mom set (she is amazing for putting this whole thing on for us). In fact, at the end of the day we might have even been under budget!!

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

Our first dance was to Bob Marley's “Is this Love” which was played by the bluegrass band that we had for the first two hours of the reception (the singer was a friend of the family and he got a few guys together to create a band just for the occasion). Jason is very particular about music and this was perfect.

We made sure that our wedding was a clear representation of our personalities. It was on a horse ranch in a dance barn but we decorated it with loads of fabric, candles, and vintage lamp shades to bring in the elegance. It was so simple and elegant all at once.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We enlisted the help of friends!!! My mom's boyfriend designed our amazing wedding invitations, a friend, Emily Woodall, was our photog and she gave us an amazing deal ($800 for our engagement shoot, our rehearsal, and our entire day of with a second shooter), and a friend of the family did all of the decorating (she scoured thrift stores while I wrote ten page papers) and she did our food ( We only spent about $200-300 on food not including the cake). My girls and I made our own bouquets with flowers bought from Harry's Farmer's Market. Basically, we did every DIY thing you can imagine with the help of amazing friends and family.
I also hunted high and low for the perfect venue and every other aspect really. Sunset Ranch is owned by a sweet couple that just wanted to create a place for people to be able to have a good time without going broke. We paid $450 and had it the entire day before, the entire day of, and even part of the day after to finish cleaning. There were no restrictions put on what vendors we used (the few that we did), we were allowed to bring our own alcohol and we were able to decorate any way we wanted (to include removing a deer head from the wall)

What was your biggest splurge?

Ummm…. we didn't really have one… The most expensive aspect was our photography and that was the one thing I wanted to be perfect. It was followed by my dress which was $600 from Group USA at an outlet mall in Virginia. I saw it in the store window the day before Jason proposed (I had a sneaking suspicion it was coming) but they only had the dress in stock in black. After trying on a million dresses I decided it was worth the risk to order it in the “candlelight” color even though they didn't even have a picture of it in any color but black! Biggest risk I took by far but COMPLETELY worth it!

What was your favorite detail?

My dress! And the draped fabric and lampshades from the ceiling… and basically the whole thing! πŸ™‚

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

When the double doors of the Barn were opened and I saw Jason standing at the front waiting for me =)

What's the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you're on the other side?

Don't stress about anything! At the end of the day, you are marrying the one you love and that is all that matters. We planned our wedding in less than six months while both of us were in school (I was finishing up my last semester and graduated the week before our wedding), needless to say, we had plenty of reason to stress but we tried to maintain the best we could. This was key with my type A personality and Jason's type…Z laid-back personality! We were supposed to get married outside, that was the most important detail to me, and then the day of it rained all morning.

Finally I just took a deep breath, closed my eyes, imagined the ceremony in the beautifully decorated barn, realized that the rain also meant the horse show scheduled for our wedding day would be cancelled (yay for no horse manure smell) and smiled and told my mom I was excited to have the ceromony in the barn. It stopped raining before we ever got to the ranch but we still had the ceremony inside (the ground was very soft) and it was PERFECT. When we got back from our honeymoon a friend told me that when someone asked her how the wedding was she used laid-back as the main theme, that made me so happy. We didn't let anything get to us that day and that made all the difference for a type A girl like me!


I just love the barn and the glass jar details! Hope you love the pics as much as I did! Thank you LaShanna and Jason for sharing your special day with us! Tune in next Wednesday for another edition of BS-WOW! πŸ™‚

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  • Great job- I too had family and friends to help me to plan my wedding. To this day we don’t know the cost of the wedding because so many people helped us and just told us “not to worry” It is so worth it to let friends and family pull together and help out where able.

    I love the photography! Great call on making that the big ticket item. Lovely pictures.

    I like that wedding plaque you have there with your names date and location on it. It would have made a fabulous custom embroidered dress label.

    thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  • Elissa

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding! She has my budget and the same number of projected guests we do… I am curious what sort of food her friend was able to prepare for only $300? Right now our biggest problem is food costs, so any point in the right direction would be really helpful!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    I loved this… it’s always so refreshing to see how other DIY brides do it!

  • Danetha

    I was super-duper excited to see this wedding! I’m also aiming for the same budget, though I’m not sure about the number of guests just yet. I’m also in Georgia and I’m always looking for great wedding settings that do not cost an arm and a leg.

    Thanks, LaShanna, for showing us all that it can be done. Like Elissa, I’d love if you could share the food secrets. I wish you and your husband the best of luck together.

    And Jess…thank you for showcasing these wonderful brides and sharing your own wedding with the world. πŸ™‚

  • Shanna

    Thanks guys =) The food was simply finger foods that were spread out over two or three tables. All of the shopping was done at Sam’s. We included things to make gourmet sandwiches. fruit, veggies, dip, spinach dip, etc. If any of you need the number of a good photographer near Atlanta (or anywhere really, she is a flight attendant too so she can go anywhere in the country) or an amazing venue in West Georgia let me know!

  • Elissa

    Thanks for the response, Shanna!

  • Only 5 thousand! Simply Incredible! By the looks of the pics, I would have guessed a lot more than that… this has been very inspiring, as we are on similar budget constraints. thanks for posting!!

  • Krista

    Sounds like many of us are on the $5K wedding budget. I’m right there too. This is an absolutely beautiful wedding and I’d love to see more photos! I love that you only spent $300 on food. We’re looking at around 150-200 guests, so I’m hoping we can get it close to that figure. Thanks so much to Jessica for sharing!

    Krista – aka

  • Wow! I’m so impressed! Love your wedding features.

  • Love this wedding! I would have never thought it was only $5000! I agree with Krista, I want to see more photos!

  • I am impressed with the $5,000 budget! The pics are simply gorgeous!!

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  • Future Groom

    Not sure if anyone is still looking at these comments, but where was the barn? Was it family owned?

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