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When I got engaged and married, I didn't love the idea of being limited to only a couple stores when it came to registering. Who can really register for *everything* they might want or need at one store? Impossible. And wouldn't it be nice if just asking for cash money wasn't so taboo? Luckily there are smarty pants people out there who like to solve first-world problems such as these, and thanks to the geniuses at Wedding Republic, registering for your wedding gifts is easier and more convenient than EVER!

Wedding Registry

Wedding Republic is an online registry that allows you to quickly set up a customized wedding registry, full of gifts you really want. With Wedding Republic, you can add anything; your house down payment, honeymoon, your favorite wine or charity – or just register for cash, it’s up to you. Nothing is off limits.

Wedding Registry

There's even a Wedding Registry Guide with everything you need to know about setting up your registry, communicating with guests, and wedding registry etiquette. You’ll have access to your own personal registry consultant that can answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process. Talk about rockin' customer service!

Creating your registry is easy, just add items from a gallery of gift suggestions or add your own gift ideas. Every gift is customizable, so you can add your own price and description, giving it that personal touch your guests will love. With Wedding Republic’s signature puzzle piece feature, you can break apart expensive gifts, like a honeymoon trip to Italy, into smaller, affordable pieces so guests can each contribute to a portion of the trip. Genius!

Since Wedding Republic is a cash wedding registry, you don’t have to worry about return policies, shipping charges or multiple trips to the store – you simply collect the cash value of your registry. It's as easy as that!


Wedding Registry


Why Wedding Republic Rocks for You, the Couple:

  • No faux pas. Receive the cash value of your registry, without asking for cash. While the “cash is taboo” mantra is quickly fading and giving cash gifts is more popular than ever, asking can still be a little awkward.
  • Keep it meaningful. With Wedding Republic guests can see what the cash is going towards making the experience meaningful. You can even register for experiences instead of stuff and tell your story through your registry.
  • Customizable. You can customize your wish list with gifts you really want instead of cookie cutter registry items you don’t want or need.
  • Flexible and Convenient! Perhaps you registered for an espresso machine, but in the end decided against it. Since you’re redeeming the cash value of your registry, you have the ultimate convenience and flexibility in how you use your registry funds. Even better, no lame gifts to return or running around town to make exchanges.

Wedding Registry

Why Wedding Republic Rocks for the Guests and Gift-givers:

  • It’s convenient! With Wedding Republic, guests can contribute in 3 easy steps without unnecessary trips to the store.
  • It’s meaningful! There is nothing worse than being the last person to buy off a traditional box store registry, stuck with nothing but a set of tea towels and a steak knife. With Wedding Republic, guests can give more meaningful gifts contributing towards the fun and important things in life.
  • It’s affordable! Through Wedding Republic’s signature puzzle piece feature, guests can contribute towards larger, more expensive gifts, say a house down payment or home renovations. This way, you can get what you really want and guests can buy an affordable “piece” of the puzzle.

Wedding Registry


Want to learn more? Read how it works or check out a sample registry. You and your guests will love having a hassle-free and convenient registry experience with Wedding Republic!

Wedding Registry

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    I think cash is a great way to go and that way you don’t end up with a bunch of material things you don’t really need.

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