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Leah S

What I thought would be an easy task, has turned out to be the ultimate stresser in my wedding planning…

I am always one to ‘take the bull by the horns’ so to speak, so I have a hard time waiting on other people to make decisions. I have 5 bridesmaids in my wedding party, and all with different body types and a different sense of style. I gave them the choice of whatever dress they wanted and from any designer as long as it was the same fabric and colour. Well the colour has become the pain in my side, or head rather. I wasn’t convinced with the dark purple that we had originally chosen…

bridesmaid dress large bridal party
Style Me Pretty

…and we now decided on a raspberry colour instead, which I am very happy with.

bridesmaid dress large bridal party
Sugar & Soul Photography

All of my bridesmaids have been really good sports while I went back and forth deciding on what colour to choose. Now we just have to find a dress for everyone!

Here’s some tips for shopping with a large bridal party:

~ Research. Look through magazines, wedding blogs and photography websites to get an idea of what colour you may like. The colours will set the tone for the wedding so be sure it will match with your venue to create a beautiful cohesive palette.

~ Shop early. Give yourself as much time as possible to find what you want (especially with a large bridal party). Nothing is worse than feeling rushed into picking something you don’t love.

~ Get input. Ask your girls what they want to wear. They are the ones wearing the dress, not you. Obviously you want to like it too, but allowing them to pick something they like will give them confidence and show through on the day of your wedding.

~ Shop local. Ordering your dress from a local store will save time and energy. Less travel time = less wasted energy = a happier you.

large bridal party

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Leah S

is a Toronto Bride who got married in 2012. You can read her wedding planning posts here.