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Well, I did. I caved. I succumbed. I gave in to peer pressure and I hired a wedding videographer, y’all.

I wasn’t going to do it. I was adamant that I had a fabulous wedding photographer and I did not need a video of the day. Wedding videographers are expensive. We couldn’t afford one. I hate seeing myself on film. I don’t need a recording of a microphone being shoved in some elderly person’s face and then having them place their dinner order. I did not want one.


So the plan was to set up a friend’s digital video camera on a tripod and record whatever. And I was really, really fine with that. Then my dad got sick and we got married. And very sweetly, someone videotaped it for us. It’s not a very good video but you can see everyone and pretty much hear what all is going on. But after my dad passed away, I realized something. That’s the last bit of film we have of him. The last time we hear his voice. The last time we see him stroke his beard. The last time we hear him choke up as he talks about this family and his love for them. All because of a last minute, crappy little wedding video.

And lo and behold, around that time, a wedding videographer moved near me. We met and chatted and I felt really comfortable with her. She didn’t pressure me or argue with me about how wedding videographers are more important than anything else at a wedding and she’s and artist and ohmygodhirehernow! She just shared her background and experience (she has a journalism degree and experience as a news broadcast producer) with me and let me take it from there. Katie Farrin from Lovebird Productions was everything it took to convince me to have a real, live wedding videographer at my wedding. Don’t believe me? Check out a bit of her work:

Nikki and Jordan – Dumas, AR from Lovebird Productions on Vimeo.

Not only was Katie incredibly professional but she was muy affordable! Like super, super practical pricing! I am very excited to have Katie share my wedding day with me, The Boy, and our families. If you live in the Texas Hill Country and you’re interested in hiring a wedding videographer – go with Katie Farrin of Lovebird Productions. You will not be sorry (P.S. Yes, she travels!).



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