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Update: Wedding Snap is no longer in business.

Even though the majority of couples hire a professional photographer to capture their wedding day, I think we all still want to see and make copies of all the special shots captured by friends and family at our weddings! Even if your photographer is one of the best in the business, he/she/they can't capture every single moment happening among the 150 guests at the average American wedding. So you'll definitely want these images taken by your guests but not the annoyance of collecting discs or copies from each person who totes a camera to your wedding. I remember emailing and BEGGING people to please email me photos they'd taken on our wedding day, many of which I never got.

Of course you'll probably see them in your Facebook newsfeed… heck you'll probably be tagged in images on social networking sites before you even board your honeymoon flight. But if you want the actual files and the ability to print them with ease, you'll need an easier way to transfer files other than burning discs.

photo sharing

The answer to this problem is Wedding Snap-  a new photo sharing website for weddings that has apps for both iPhone and Android phones that allow you to effortlessly collect and store your wedding photos online. Because the quality of phone cameras are getting so high (the newest iPhone has an 8MP camera), many friends will opt to leave their digital cameras at home. As  your guests take pictures with their phones, the Wedding Snap wedding apps automatically bring them all to one online album. The application provides you with unlimited storage of your photos, and you even get unlimited free downloads for all of your guests! You can download the images to your hard drive or send them to a social networking site, such as Facebook to share them with your friends!

photo sharing

The process is really easy- you create an album name and share it with your family and friends so they can get to Snappin'! 🙂 And if your guests don't have smart phones, they can still upload the pictures from their digital cameras via the website, no problem! Check out this video about Wedding Snap!


photo sharing

Wedding Snap has a number of different packages, some of which include printed cards you can pass out to your guests with instructions. Some brides have shown their Wedding Snap album feed live on a projector or a TV during the wedding. Wedding Snap monitors every picture real-time to make sure pictures are appropriate, so there's no embarrassing or lude images in your album. Wedding Snap has generously offered up 20 free registrations for their Original Package to the first 20 Budget Savvy Bride readers to sign up! This package retails for around $50 and includes:

Unlimited Photo Uploads by Your Guests During The Wedding

Unlimited Photo Uploads After The Wedding

Unlimited Photo Storage Size Online

All Photos in One Private Album

Download Your Album All at Once

Publish Album to Facebook

photo sharing

 So head on over to Wedding Snap and sign up for your FREE original package– open to the first 20 brides so act fast. Enter code: BudgetSavvy at checkout to get your discount!

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  • 29bride

    Thank you so much! This looks like an awesome service and I snagged one of the freebies.

  • Jessica

    That’s a great idea. I wish I had this for my wedding.

  • Jenni

    Sweet! I got one of the freebies, too. Thank you!

  • Amy

    Yah! This seems so cool! I cannot wait to use this! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Wow! This Idea is amazing. I would like to have this in my wed- thats for sure. Cant wait enough. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great informmation. I will pass this cost saving idea to all the brides having thier wedding reception at my hall

  • spiffy

    THANK YOU! We were thinking of doing something like this but didn’t know if it existed!!!!

  • Thank you Norman. @Spiffy- you are most welcome. Yeah. It is really something exiting. Please visit @Amy – good to know that.


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