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Glam Christmas Stocking Card Holder

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Brittney Joi Icatar

Stocking Card Holder
Since I have just about a month until my wedding, I have been crafting for hours and hours this week. And since about 80% of my wedding is DIY I needed to kick it into full gear! One project I am especially proud of is my alternative card box.
I am all about investing money. So if I can’t use it later on in life, I am hesitant to buy it.
So when I passed by these beautiful velvet stockings in Pottery Barn, I had to have them for my future home. Dan and I requested monetary gifts on our website since we’ll be moving when he gets back from his deployment, so I had to prepare for a flood of cards. And I knew that they would make the perfect card holder! They just needed to me to make them more fabulous, so I made them these glitter accents!
Stocking Card Holder

Here’s how I added glam to my stockings:


  • The cut out (printable) of the accent you want
  • glitter ($3.99)
  • ribbon ($2.99)
  • Mod Podge (had some hiding in my closet from previous crafts but I think a small bottle is around $5)
  • brushes ( I had old paint brushed lying around)
  • hot glue gun 



1. Print out the template. I used a free printable I found on Pinterest and glued them onto card stock with Mod Podge to make them them heavier then just paper. Or you could even print out a cursive font on Word! Then cut it out. If you find a light wooden cutout in Michael’s, even better! You can pretty much make anything beautiful with glitter. 🙂

2. Mod Podge the glitter over the cutout. I placed the cutout inside a shoe box top to catch the glitter. Also, I recommend two layers of glitter, at least on the front, so that none of the paper shows through.

3. Hot glue the ribbon. Pretty self explanatory. I made a little bow to go on the Mrs. since I love bows. As you can see in the picture, the back of the Mrs. isn’t very beautiful but I figured no one will see it and I didn’t want too much glitter to get on the stocking.

And you’re done! Super easy. Just be prepared to be covered in glitter when you’re done. 🙂
If you want to be extra safe, you can paint on another layer of Mod Podge to secure the glitter, just be sure you have the gloss or lustre Mod Podge. Total cost of the project was about $7  which wasn’t bad since I plan to use the supplies and glitter over and over again in my other wedding projects. You could use this DIY for chair back accents, or banners for tables, or table numbers!
It’s so easy you have to try it.

Look forward to my other projects! I have a lot of fun stuff to show you guys in the next few weeks!

Brittney Joi Icatar

is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her budget wedding planning posts here.