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Gorgeous Tennessee Wedding

This week, we're giving our lovely bride bloggers some time off to be with their families, but I have some great stuff scheduled for you this week! All week long we'll be sharing real budget weddings for you to peruse and gather inspiration from. Remember, that no matter the budget for a wedding, there is always something to be learned from the way the couple prioritized and got creative. I just know you'll love this Tennessee wedding shot by the fabulously talented Jennie Andrews. I really love all the details of this wedding- from the spoon placecards to the mismatched bridesmaid dresses to the florals and more. And have you ever seen such pretty rainy day wedding photos? Those clear umbrellas are so chic– that series of shots is so dreamy and romantic to me for some reason! Of course my favorite detail is the joy and love that radiates from this couple– you can tell they have lots of fun together! I hope you enjoy this and the other fabulous budget weddings to come! xoxo- Jessica

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Rob + Kayla

May 4, 2013

Knoxville, TN – Maple Grove Inn


What was your wedding budget?

We originally budgeted for $18,000, and that included a few items that we will likely use again, plus our wedding bands.

  • Venue – $6000 (plus taxes)
  • Bride and groom attire – $1083 WTOO dress, $600 Express suit (can wear again)
  • Alcohol- wine $238 for wedding and rehearsal dinner (had 2 cases left over), beer $250
  • Food – $2790 (plus 20% service fee)
  • Officiant – $200 plus $50 gift
  • Cake – $682
  • Flowers (bouquets, boutonnière, large flower arrangement at reception) $800
  • Flowers for planter boxes $125
  • Planter boxes – free (built from old shed on groom's parents property)
  • Flowers bought for center pieces $150
  • Emergency flowers day of wedding $60
  • Lavender for cake and tables $70
  • Hair and makes up (for bride and bridesmaids) $600
  • Invitations $600
  • Table decor – $300+ ($250 Biltmore glasses, $30 other glass bottles, $60 spoons, misc)
  • Wedding bands – $1211
  • Table numbers & holders – free
  • Sound equipment – $163
  • Additional chair rentals – $200
  • Photography -trade (I'm a lucky lucky girl)
  • Miscellaneous – roughly around $1000-1500
  • (Bridesmaids dresses ranged from $20-40; all groomsmen already had gray suits)


How many guests did you have?

90 guests attended our wedding


What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I have always had a love of the Biltmore Estate and that's also where Rob planned our surprise proposal! We wanted to incorporate the Biltmore in some way, so we scoured EBay and Flea Markets looking for Biltmore Milk Bottles. We were able to collect all 13 for the tables! We also have tons of family all of over the US and have traveled all around, so instead of table numbers, we decided to have different cities or landmarks that we loved! They ranged from the Virgin Islands, to the Biltmore Estate, to Paris and In-N-Out burgers!


What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We chose a venue that had a lot to offer! Although we spent more on our venue than we originally wanted, it came with SO much! We didn't have to rent anything (we chose to rent different chairs). It came with all of our linens, tables, chairs, a HUGE tent, and the use of the entire house on the day of the wedding. Its also an incredibly beautiful venue, so we didn't have to worry about as many decorations for the ceremony. We also bought all of our wine at Trader Joe's (Charles Shaw) and rented sound equipment and used a computer for music (Spotify was a lifesaver).

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Rob and I had a long engagement (2 years). Knowing there are times when you don't have much to do was confusing. I've always heard brides say how stressful and busy planning a wedding is. We honestly didn't experience that until about two weeks before the wedding. Also, we created our guest list first. Knowing how many people we wanted at the wedding dictated what we were able to do. Don't be afraid to ask vendors for quotes! We grossly underestimated how much invitations would cost and had to drastically cut things out to get it semi within our budget.


What was your biggest splurge?

– Our venue. I fell in love with Maple Grove Inn a few years ago so when I brought Rob there in Feb and he said that all the venues would have to top it, I knew that was our place!

And our Paris honeymoon which was never included in the wedding budget. I'm still too scared to look at those numbers! 🙂


What was your favorite detail?

My favorite detail was my dress. When I saw it online I continued to go back to it during the day. No one locally carried the WTOO line, so my mom and bridesmaids made a trip down to Chattanooga. We then echoed the trellis pattern into our invitations (without my husband knowing). I honestly felt like when I found my dress the rest of the wedding fell into place.


What is the most memorable moment of your day?

– Wow! That is so tough! As much as Rob was hesitant, we LOVED our first look! The rain was coming down but I really wanted to be outside, so we saw each other on the front porch and that was just magical. The ceremony was beautiful and we found ourselves giggling so many times coupled with happy tears. The rain really started to come down during the ceremony and I can remember looking at our guests (half sitting and the other standing) and I loved seeing how huddled together they were. And the speeches my sister/Matron of Honor and Rob's Best Men made definitely made our night! Honestly, nothing went wrong that day! It was all unforgettable.



Photography: Jennie Andrews Photography  //  Dress : Monica's Bridal, Chattanooga by WTOO  //  Venue: Maple Grove Inn   //   Invitations: Kate Moore Creative  //  Rented Chairs: Rentals Rentals  //  Music Equipment Rental: Rik's Music & Sound  //  Flowers (Bouquets/Boutonnieres): Sassafras  //  Cake: Magpies Bakery  //  Officiant: Chaplain Dr. Fred Patterson  //  Makeup: Katelyn Comer at Lox Salon  //  Hair: Liv Halcomb, Lox Salon



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