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I told you all last week about how my BFF went to IKEA and found some great stuff for decorating tables for the reception. Well, she sent me some pics and I was so excited to see all the affordable things we could use. I went to IKEA's website and searched myself. This is what I liked:

Great IKEA finds

The polka dotted candle holders would cast a nice glow on any table! And the small galvanized tins could be used for candles or flowers- 3 for a buck- that seems like a sweet deal to me! I also LOVE these lanterns. They are so sweet and simple and would add some great ambiance to the reception site. Of course, who doesn't love votive holders- bunched together, candles create an awesome glow. And I just thought the watering can was so sweet- it would definitely add some southern flair to the reception- you could fill it with some wildflowers and surround it with candles- so chic! 🙂

The closest IKEA is in Atlanta and I might just have to make a trip over there soon!


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  • You gotta love ikea! Half of our wedding has come from there. I wanted the little tin pots but had no idea what for so I put them back. we bought the glass votive holders to use as dipping pots for olive oil and vinigar and I wanted the lanterns but couldn’t afford them!

    Oh and everything costs literally twice that in ikea UK!

  • Love all of those, especially the lanterns. I wish I could send some to you, we bought a bunch for a party in our backyard a few years ago and now they’re mostly collecting dust in the basement. The effect was very pretty when they were all lit up. Damn right, you’ve got to love IKEA… When you get there, make sure to also buy the votive candles, they sell them in bulk, like 100 for 3$ or something. I know you can get those elsewhere, but I find the IKEA ones last the longest. How far would Atlanta be from your home?

  • I love IKEA goodness!! They are so awesome!!
    Candles, vases, votives, twigs, frames, uplights …. they have it all.
    I really like those votives with the little circles/dots in them. Really cool.

  • pinkglitter

    I happened on your blog through a wedding related search, and I love it! I just got engaged last month, planning to marry on June of ’09. I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole, only instead of wonderland, I’m in some sort of frilly, matchy-matchy, “blush and bashful” twilight zone where everything costs at least twice as much as it should and has about 10 pounds of tulle stuck on it. On top of that, my first ceremony site fell through, so due to my type-A, I-must-have-every-little-detail-planned-out-way-ahead-of-time control freakishness, I ended up with a wedding dress, marriage license, and officiant and no place to get married, crying to my fiance that I was going to be all dressed up with no place to wed. I loved reading your blog, it helped so much to read that someone else is indecisive, doesn’t like frills and fuss, and has to pay for everything, wants pesonality in their wedding, and wants to DIY most of it. Thanks for helping with my wedding insanity!

  • Guilty Secret

    We got ten packs of those glass votive holders! We’re going to have tea lights *everywhere!*

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