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Greetings BSB Readers!

When I was a little girl dreaming of weddings, my dad told me he would pay me $1,000 to elope.  “What a great deal!” my six-year-old self thought. Seventeen years later, I find myself engaged and not taking my dad up on his “great deal” 🙂 Instead, my fiancé and I are embarking on the exciting process of planning a wedding for 200 people on a budget of $10,000 (less than 1/2 of the national average)

planning a wedding for 200 people
Mr. M & Myself

To say Mr. M and I are excited about getting married would be an understatement.  We believe that our wedding isn't the pinnacle of our love story, but the start of a new chapter in a story about to unfold.

Although the old adage goes that opposites attract, my mom is fond of saying that complements attract.  Looking at Mr. M and me, I think my mom's statement is validated.  Although we may appear opposites on the surface, our hearts meet one another in sweet and interesting ways.

We want our wedding to reflect who we are and what we appreciate as a couple. This is part of the reason we've gone “budget-savvy.”  We value frugality and intentionality, but realize  it can be difficult to make decisions with those principles (especially when it comes to planning a wedding!).  We want to walk wisely in all of life, and are looking forward to getting our feet wet in the wedding planning process.

Since my engagement, this quote from Jane Austen's “Pride and Prejudice” has whirled through my mind: “I am the happiest creature in the world,  Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice.  I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.”  Through the wedding planning process, I  want to keep the joy of this exciting season alive.

If you're like me, it can be easy to get caught up in the stress and responsibility  an impending marriage brings.  And unfortunately, working on a budget can compound that stress.  In my posts, I  want to explore where simplicity and laughter meet budget-savvy-ness.  I want to not only write about the nitty-gritty details like centerpieces and the dress, but also the bigger questions like what to look for when choosing a venue and how to incorporate the people you love into your big day.

I'm looking forward to joining this fabulous community of bloggers as I learn how to be a laughing and budget-savvy bride!

wrote about her wedding at The Budget-Savvy Bride in 2013 and 2014. She loves sharing info and advice with brides about how to create beautiful weddings that they love. Abby lives in the Midwest with her husband and dog.