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Groomsmen on a Budget

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Kelsey Scarbrough

budget-friendly groomsmen

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Dear Budget Savvy Brides,

{If you haven’t seen my Part One post titled, Bridesmaids on a Budget, you can find that here.}

The second part of the wedding party equation is the groomsmen. Ahh, the groomsmen! They take second to the beautiful bridesmaids, and are often pushed into the corner standing in a shadow. But don’t forget, they play an important part of the wedding, too!

While my budget doesn’t allow room to pay for the attire of my entire wedding party (10 people in total!), I’ve opted to make budget friendly options for everyone.

If you read my Bridesmaids on a Budget post, you would know each dress cost $30 (pre-tax). That’s almost unheard of nowadays, and it was a blessing I wanted to pass down to the men, too.

While I have yet to find the exact option we will decide on, I’ve found a few options that are budget-friendly, and may also give you an inspiration for your groomsmen.

It’s usually the case that bigger named stores can cut you a better deal than the local mom & pop shops, but in my experience, that’s very, very wrong. Like I previously mentioned in my Part One post, I was a bridesmaid that paid $150 for a dress. Likewise, my fiancé’ was also in a wedding where the one-day tuxedo rental was around $170 after fees & taxes. We felt at the time that it was important for us to be in the wedding, so we opted to purchase the (outrageously priced) tuxedo rental.

Anywho — we felt convicted that we would not put our wedding party in that position. So, we’ve researched many budget-friendly groomsmen options that may be of an inspiration to you.


1) Mom & Pop Shops:

Our local Mom & Pop shops have quoted us anywhere from $69.99 – $79.99 for a tuxedo rental. Along with this price included a deal for every 5 tuxedos rented, the 6th tuxedo was free. This works with our wedding party, since we have 5 groomsmen and 1 groom.

The big-named tuxedo rental in town starts at $150 for the same package. WOW!


2) Do you have a tuxedo in the back of your closet?

This was not the most economical option for our groomsmen because most of them did not have a suit or tuxedo. However, if most of the groomsmen in your party have a suit or tuxedo, you might be able to wing this option.


3) The Casual Look

The “casual look” is very popular nowadays. You can search options online to see what style works best with your theme and wedding party. Maybe you want to skip the tie, the suit, or the fancy shoes? This could be a cheaper option if you decided to skip the suit and unnecessary extras!

I hope this has been an encouragement and of inspiration to you! Please comment below if you have more ideas.

Blessings to you,

Kelsey Scarbrough



Kelsey Scarbrough

is a bride blogger who got married in 2013. You can read her wedding planning posts here.