My Guest List Cuts Mama Drama

I know I've mentioned before that we're inviting around 250 people to our wedding. This number isn't always very budget savvy and wasn't (and really, still isn't) in our case. When you have this amount of people, catering bills go up, alcohol bills go up, and if you're getting into favors, centerpieces, and decorations, the prices for those items can skyrocket also.

I'm DIYing my centerpieces with items that can be found around any house, and we're not doing favors, instead we're donating money to St. June's hospital in memory of Nathan's late sister, and putting a simple thank you on each table, and the decorations (rope lighting, table covering, etc), thankfully are included in our venue costs. That still leaves our catering bill, which is taking over half of our budget.

My parents are helping with our catering bill since it's so much, and I make so little, and Nate doesn't have a job yet, having just graduated.

Unfortunately this leaves the drama that comes with letting others help foot the bill. We tried to split the guest list as evenly as possible between the two families. It didn't really work as planned, as Nate's mom has 6 brothers and sisters and Nate's dad has 4 with both sides having multiple children and grandchildren. Nate's side ultimately received a couple more invites, just by luck of the bloodline when we first planned our guest list and my parents weren't too happy about it. (Let's keep in mind that it maybe came to about 10 people more on his side than mine.)

I'd like to share a particularly hairy moment in my guest list planning.

About a week after finishing our guest list, I'm sitting at my parents house one Saturday and my mom comes STORMING down the stairs, takes one look at me and completely looses it. Now imagine my surprise, having done nothing wrong in recent memory, still on cloud 9 over planning a wedding, when she's screaming at me that Nate's parents are impossible. Nate's mom has a bigger side, having more brothers and sisters, therefore, more invites. Well Nate's father INSISTED that he get the same amount, which meant him inviting more friends to the wedding because his family was smaller and that any extra invites that we didn't use on my side go to him. My mom was none too happy hearing this proposal and it turned out to be my wedding, therefore my problem. So after talking to Nate's parents and explaining that we tried to split the guest list evenly between both families and I intended to keep it as close to even as possible, we came to the conclusion that his dad didn't need to actually invite the whole town Nate grew up in and we were going to try to keep it to family and close friends.

Luckily no one came out injured. I thought for sure my mom was going to claw someones eyes out. In that moment, I seriously considered eloping, but I already had my dress and wanted to opportunity to show it off. (haha)

At the end of the day, Nov. 3rd is a day for Nate and I to celebrate a new beginning in our lives, the only people I need there are Nate and a witness, everyone else is secondary and while I'm excited to spend my special day with them because they're my friends and family and deserve to be there, I'm more excited to call Nathan my husband, so all of the mama drama will be worth it in the end.

Also, remember as a bride, it's not your job to please everyone. It's not possible. As long as your enjoy your big day, that's all that will matter!

guest list cuts

A guest list flow chart! I wish I would have found it sooner.

Did you have to make guest list cuts? How did you do it?!

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