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If there is one thing I have learned while wedding dress shopping and figuring out centerpieces, it's that it is a little too easy to forget about the guys! Over time I had conjured up a picture of what I wanted the guys to look like at our wedding, but I realized one day that I had never actually spoken to my future groom about his vision…whoops! We quickly sat down and got to gabbing.

Before our vision search we threw together a few basic goals for our groomsmen attire:
– No tuxes. Our wedding is going to be informal and the ceremony will be outside, tuxes did not really fit in to our vision.
– Fly kicks. Immediately my fiancé latched on to the idea of converse sneakers paired with slacks. He loved the look, and loved the shoes!
– Affordable. SUCH a buzzword for this wedding, but seriously. I’ve mentioned it before and I will most likely mention it again, we love to cut down costs. All the groomsmen are young and newly employed, so we want to keep the load light.
-Dapper. Yup. The end product needs to be easy on the eyes.

After what seemed like days of poring over wedding blogs and pictures of strangers’ perfect outfits, we came up with a general idea of the look we were going for. We wanted lots of grey with yellow accents [following our color scheme] as well as a few homemade touches like a ribbon-wrapped Billy Button boutonniere.

groomsmen attire
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We ended up deciding the groomsmen would wear custom Converse*, grey slacks, white shirt, suspenders, and a tie. The fiancée and I are going to spring for the suspenders and tie, making the get-up more affordable for the guys. Although I know it is sometimes frowned upon to give wedding wear as gifts, we're going to package the ties and suspenders up pretty because we know our groomsmen will love them!

[More on the wedding party gifts another time!]

groomsmen attire


*If your groomsmen/groom wants to rock Converse, the custom made option is the way to go. Head over to to check out their abundant color options, I promise you won't be disappointed.  Here is a look at ours…

groomsmen attire

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  • Liz

    I LOVE this inspiration for the men. Will you post if you find those yellow & grey argyle socks?? We're looking for those!

    • Avalon

      Hi Liz!
      I have been scouring the internet for they yellow and grey argyle socks just like in the picture, but they are not easy to find!
      So far I have only two solutions, so of course I will share.
      If you scroll down to the second option they have a nice pair of grey and yellow! And only 9 bucks!
      these express socks aren't really the right color combination, but nice nonetheless.

      Good luck!

  • Such a fan of gray and yellow together!

    [email protected]

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