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Being an artist and lover of all things off-beat and original, I was encountering some difficulties in my search for our wedding invitations. After scouring many a blog and website I came to the conclusion that the custom, hand made, artistic looking invitations in my brain, like many such details, would not be the sort to fit in our budget. Enter vistaprint.com to save the day. Not only do they have extremely reasonable prices, but they have this lovely option called uploading your own design. My heart leaps with joy at the endless DIY opportunity that comes with such a phrase. Complete and utter creative freedom. Glorious. So what do I do now? I see an invitation in a Martha Stewart wedding magazine, fall in love with it, and try to replicate it. No, I am not ashamed of my unoriginality.

To get the particular, hand drawn invitation look I wanted, I used a wacom tablet and drew out the design in adobe photoshop. I do a lot of artwork and graphic design and having this tablet has definitely come in handy with many wedding projects so far…

Hand Drawn Invitation

Now while hand drawing your own invitations may be too deep into DIY for some, It's still easy to create a completely custom design using downloadable fonts from sites like dafont.com. Or, if you're still looking to lessen the DIY load, Vistaprint offers some pretty great invitation designs at the same price as uploading your own! I wanted a very bold, hand drawn look with the feel of a vintage newspaper headline. I liked the idea of mixing traditional invite wording with a more non-traditional graphic. Here's what we came up with…

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hand drawn invitation

The total came out under $200 for 250 invitaions, and 100 reception cards and RSVP cards. I received them in the mail last week and was pretty satisfied with the quality considering the price. The paper did feel a bit thin to me, however I selected the linen finish when I ordered them and that made them look much nicer. Overall, very happy with the finished product.

So what ideas do you have to make your invitations unique while keeping them budget savvy?

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