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As a former bride-to-be, I know that weddings have lots of moving parts. It can be a challenge to keep yourself organized – with all the notes, contracts, guest lists, and other plans — it's important to find systems and tools that work for you. As you all know, I love all things techy- so I couldn't resist trying out a new tech tool that could definitely come in handy for wedding planning! Introducing the Bamboo Slate, which I received for free for the purpose of this review:

bamboo slateIf you're the type of gal who loves to make handwritten notes and sketches, this tool will help you save and archive them digitally. The Bamboo Slate is a lightweight smartpad that digitizes your handwritten notes and sketches with the push of a button. Take your planning notes, inspiration ideas, and your sketch of that perfect bouquet from getting lost in the overwhelming swell of details, by exporting them via an app for your phone. You can turn your doodles and notes into several different formats to be manipulated and edited on the computer.

Brides can use the Bamboo Slate to map out seating charts, sketch their dream dress or jot down notes from a vendor meeting, then sync their scribbles directly to their phone or tablet for easy sharing. They can even let bridesmaids or the Mr. weigh in and make live edits to the notes using the Inkspace app, so there's an opportunity for collaboration as well.

For the DIY bride, the Slate is a creative tool. It’s great for digitizing calligraphy and hand-lettering, which you could then incorporate into your wedding day details, invitations, and more! Here’s a quick video of a well-known calligrapher using the Slate to digitize her work. See below how I used Bamboo Slate to digitize some hand-lettering. I started by sketching out with pencil, before using the included Pen that connects with the smart pad to draw the final artwork:

bamboo folio wedding planning

bamboo folio wedding planning bamboo folio wedding planning bamboo folio wedding planning bamboo folio wedding planning

Once you are done with your artwork or notes, you just open the Inkspace app and press the single button on the Bamboo Slate to import your writing. As you can see, the smartpad picked up only the writing that I did in pen, and imported it into the Inkspace app (available on iTunes or Google Play.) From here, I can export the artwork as a JPEG, PDF, PNG, or Vector Art. Vector art will allow me to manipulate the artwork in an infinite amount of ways, so this tool is really unique and handy for any artistic brides and grooms! Check out the different ways I was able to use this simple piece of art – I pulled the image into Photoshop and got creative:

I also love that you can use it to transcribe written notes. If you're a journaler like me, perhaps you prefer writing with a pen and pad to typing out your thoughts on a computer. With the help of Bamboo Slate you can easily digitize or transform your writing into typed text. Kind of like these wedding vows:

bamboo folio wedding planning

There is a premium option for a software that allows you to digitally alter, colorize and otherwise manipulate your artwork and writing that you make with the Slate, but I was able to get by with the free version of Inkspace since I have access to other design tools and software. It's definitely not a deal-breaker — so if you're on a budget you don't *have* to spend any additional money to use the tool and make the most of it!

If you're into writing notes on paper, check out the Bamboo Slate to keep your notes organized.





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