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Just wanted to take a moment to wish my sweet mother a very Happy Birthday!! I consider my mom to be one of my very best friends- we talk often and I pretty much can tell her anything. She is a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend to all of the various people in her life- she's the person everyone feels they can trust with their secrets and true feelings. She's always been there for me to listen when I've had problems, fears, and doubts in life and to offer advice, insight and understanding. I know that she is my #1 cheerleader and has encouraged me to do what I love and to pursue my dreams. My mom is loving and very much a ‘giver'- she always put my sisters and I before herself when we were growing up and she sacrificed alot to give us a wonderful childhood. I love my mom so much and for all that she has done for me and I definitely don't say thank you often enough.


So thank you, Mama, for everything. I can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!

Happy Birthday!! I love you, Mom!

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