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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend– I know I did! I got to attend my dear bloggy friend Miss Sarah Elizabeth's wedding! It was perfect and beautiful and you could really see all the time she put into her big day. She was a picture perfect bride- I can't wait for her to share all her recaps when she gets back!!

Anyway, that's not the point of this post- I am writing to let you know that there might be some slight (okay…not so slight) website maintenance going on here at BSB over the next few days- I know it's inconvenient during the week but I have to take the help when I can get it. Hopefully we won't have any downtime or interrupted service but just in case there is, please know that we're working on it and I didn't just decide to jump ship of my little labor of love that is BSB. Mmmkay? Okay! THANK YOU in advance for your understanding.

Website Maintenance

Also I just want to note that I received some questions on Formspring that I need to address and will be doing so when I return to regularly scheduled blogging. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

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