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Source: Carolyn Scott Photography
Source: Carolyn Scott Photography

One thing I plan to do this summer is to resell the wedding decor I bought that I can't repurpose. During wedding planning, I was careful to select pieces that I could reuse as home decor like the wooden lantern we used for cards and the purple candle holder we had on the head table. However, things like rose garlands and aisle markers will not be used again by me.

With all these is on the Internet, I've been doing some research on what sites are the best for reselling your wedding stuff. Plus, we are planning on moving at the end of the summer, and I've been using Craigslist for that venture. Sure it can be a little shady at times, but it's an easy way to go through lots of listings at once. Yet I'm not getting many responses to my inquiries, which made me wonder if selling my decor on Craigslist is a good idea…not to mention that Lifetime movie The Craigslist Killer that scared me to no end.

I've glanced at sites like Recycle Your Wedding and Weddingbee, but I'm not too satisfied with their methods (and things seem overpriced). Then there's eBay of course, but I'd much prefer to hand the box over to a bride than have to ship it. And with colors varying from bride to bride, I'm at a loss.

Have you had any luck reselling your wedding decor? What site did you use? Let us know!


Check out this post on great places to resell your wedding decor online:


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About Laura

Laura is a 26-year old school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Laura is married to the love of her life Josh, whom she met online in February 2010. He proposed in a beautiful park on January 19, 2013, and they had an intimate and elegant wedding at an Asheville vineyard on April 26, 2014.

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  • Liz

    I’ve given/sold a few things to a friend I know getting married. I plan on listing my wedding dress online, on the same site I bought it ( However, more useful to you, I plan on also listing my dress on the classified at my husbands work. Are there larger businesses in the area that you know someone who could list items for you at their work?

  • Dana

    I’m in process of selling a lot of my leftover decor as well. For smaller items, I’m using eBay. If it’s something hand made, like some of my banners I plan on listing on Etsy. I’d suggest using professional photos from your photographer of the decor you are selling that shows how it can be displayed at a wedding, if you have them (I had specifically asked my photographer to take pictures of the decor for this purpose, unfortunately she didn’t follow my directions. Boo photographer!) I hear you on meeting people on Craigslist. When I sell something, I typically agree to meet the buyer at a public place (close by grocery store parking lot – and I always have someone come along with me). At work we have a ‘want ads’ listing that I plan on adding a few things to, then there are countless local ‘online garage sale’ sites on Facebook.

  • Mashala barber

    Hey my is Mashala Barber im getting married next month I want to know what type of things you have to sale or just have any ideas I would love to know thanks Mashala Barber.

  • Hey Laura! I agree with Dana–you should definitely use your professional pictures for online posting. Professional pictures show deal hunters the potential in your goods which is easy to miss in bad lighting or any of the other technical reasons why a professional will beat my camera phone…any day. As a budget savvy shopper, I only bought resale items from Craigslist. Not because I didn’t look other places, but because it made more sense to buy in my community rather than pay shipping costs. PLUS, a lot of the items sold on the other websites were WELL overpriced and it frustrated me to the point that I found them useless. Even on Craigslist, some sellers would trump up their prices, but I still found quite a few good deals over the over ads where folks were trying to sell Dollar Tree vases for $3, even though, they only paid $1.08 at best including taxes. And most importantly….I lived to tell the tale. I’ve bought and sold on Craigslist a number of times with a great deal of success and nobody’s killed me yet. Lifetime movies will scare you enough to move to a remote island and live in a box with no windows if you watch it enough, LOL. Screen the buyer and you’ll be fine. In sum, my recommendation is: use professional pictures, be honest in your pricing, and give Craigslist an honest try.

    • Your post literally made me laugh out loud!! Glad you’ve had craigslist success and lived to tell about it 😉 I definitely agree that finding people to trade or sell to within your local community is a great way to save on shipping costs.

      I don’t know if you’ve tried it out, but I recently joined a site called Nextdoor where you can communicate with your neighbors and sell things *really* locally. Might be worth checking out!

  • Great ideas, ladies! I am posting on Craiglist and seeing if I can find someone. I need to check out Nextdoor!

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