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Hi, My Name is Katie

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Hello everyone!

I cannot believe this is real! My name is Katie, and I am absolutely ecstatic to share my crazy, upside-down, and fantastic wedding plans with The Budget Savvy Bride. I’ve been obsessively following this blog for almost a year, and it’s such an honor to be able to contribute to it! My fiance and I are planning an October wedding for 175 guests with a budget of $15,000. We’re going for classic and simple and traditional and wonderful and slightly 1950s-esque and vintagey. I am overwhelmingly excited!

Hi, My Name is Katie
Here I am with my fiance, Justin!

We’re from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m currently teaching high school English and he just graduated with a degree in Athletic Training. We met in high school (aww), and, although we didn’t date then (he’s a year younger than me and I was faaaaaaaaar too cool to date a junior when I was a senior; duh), it did not take him long to win me over.

We started dating shortly after and we’ve been inseparable ever since (I mean hello please just look at how cute he is)!

Soooo last summer we took an extraordinary trip to Washington DC. I’m the biggest history/government dork and one of our best best friends lives there, so it was the perfect place to spend a few days together. We roadtripped it, which was tremendous, and I absolutely loved every single second of bopping around our nation’s capital.

Our second day there fell on Justin’s birthday. After the best day of perusing through museums and sightseeing all over the city, we made it downtown to see the monuments at nighttime (can I promote going to DC here? PLEASE go to DC! It’s BEAUTIFUL!). Stunning is an understatement; they were perfect. EVERYTHING was perfect, and at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (also perfect), Justin got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. OBVIOUSLY I said yes, and we got an astounding round of applause from everyone visiting the memorial! Oh I cannot even tell you how flawless it was.

Hi, My Name is Katie

So I think that’s that. We have a little over 5 months until the wedding, and I have never been more excited for anything in my life. Justin is quirky, goofy, spontaneous, logical, thoughtful, compassionate, caring, loving, funny, intelligent, and always always always puts others before himself. I am, hands down, the luckiest girl in the entire world. I’m so excited to keep rocking out our wedding planning and I’m even more excited to have the opportunity to share it all with you. Thank you too much for letting me! Have the best day!

Hi, My Name is Katie

Katie Cross

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.