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Hollywood Theme Shower by Evin Photography

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My sweet friend Evin of Evin Photography recently threw a shower for a friend of hers and was kind enough to share photos with me from the event! The bride, Jenna, is really into the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood and the theater so that made the perfect Hollywood theme for her bridal shower! Evin, her sister Allie and her mom put together an adorable event for Jenna- complete with velvet ropes at the entrance, curtains over the ‘movie screen’ and candy and popcorn snacks! Just like going to a movie! Check out the pics, all by Evin Photography!

Hollywood ThemeHollywood ThemeHollywood ThemeHollywood ThemeHollywood ThemeHollywood Theme

Here are some of the fabulous details from Evin:

THEME: Hollywood

FOOD: Buttered Popcorn, White Chocolate Popcorn with M&Ms, Cokes, Candy you’d find at the theater, pigs-n-a-blanket, and some fruit just because 🙂

– Entrance of house: Setup like the red carpet, complete with paparazzi (myself) photographing guests as they arrived

– Just inside: “Ticket Booth”, where the guests would sign a guest book with space for paparazzi photos to be added later and given to bride

– Main Room: Red fabric draped around TV like theater curtains complete with a slideshow of couple’s Engagement Photos (taken by Evin Photography) playing on screen

– Flower Arrangement: By Beth’s Bouquets – Flowers in shower colors, interspersed with romantic comedy DVDs

Hollywood Theme
SURPRISE GIFT from Hostesses: Movie Poster – an Evin Photography photo of the couple taken in front of the Downtown Franklin Historic Theatre. Photo designed by JessLehry Designs to look like a movie poster, displaying “Coming Soon” with the couples names & wedding date! It was a HUGE HIT!

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