Honeymoon planning

We have booked our honeymoon! My fiancé and I love going on vacations and traveling, so this was obviously one of our favorite items to plan. We have been together for almost six years and have been on 3 different cruises, visited Universal Studios and Disney theme parks more times than I can count, and take weekend getaways to the mountains and the beach, as often as we can.


We did not include this in our final wedding budget, but saved up for it by limiting our trips within the past year and a half. We’ve only done short get-a-ways, rather than week long trips, so when planning our honeymoon we knew we wanted something to look forward to where we could both relax, but also go on plenty of adventures. My fiancé immediately thought of Atlantis, (we had visited before via multiple cruises that stopped at Nassau, but never actually stayed on-site), and although we loved the idea, the price tag for the room and style we wanted didn’t really sit well with us.

My fiancé decided to contact a travel agency in Raleigh (Omega World Travel), and the travel agent gave us some great ideas for our honeymoon. She gave us information on Atlantis, but suggested we look at adult-only places, as we plan to start a family very soon, and most of our vacations will then involve more than just the two of us! We narrowed down some options, but finally settled on a Secrets resort in Mexico. Neither of us has traveled out of the country before, which makes this even more exciting for us. Not to mention, it is an all-inclusive resort and has many activities you can do on-site or off-site, so we know how much we’re paying up front without any surprises once we arrive; We also completed a Honeymoon Registry, which allows our guests that want to gift us something, to purchase items/activities for us that we can do during our honeymoon (such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, spa treatments, etc.).

One of the main selling points for my fiancé was the fact that there is a world-class golf course very close to our resort where he can play golf. I, on the other hand, am excited to swim with dolphins and relax by our very own swim-out pool. But, I think we’re most excited to be able to spend an entire week relishing in the fact that we’re finally married! I can’t believe we’re less than 2 months away!

Have you decided on a honeymoon?
If so, where will you be going?

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