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Ohhh, the honeymoon. How lovely to take a week away together in a gorgeous locale to celebrate your new marriage! Nate and I were originally thinking of taking a cheap-and-cheerful trip down to the Dominican Republic for a week – but as we quickly learned, traveling during the Christmas holidays is anything but cheap! A pretty bare-bones vacation package was going to run us around $3500USD, and as much as we would've loved to jet away to tropical warmth after our snowy New Year's wedding, we realized pretty quickly that we were much better off finding a less pricey getaway and saving some of that money to get us through the coming months. (Especially since we just totaled our car this weekend by hitting a deer – eek!)

So instead of beaches and blue skies, we decided to embrace the wintertime and book a honeymoon retreat at the Couples Resort in northern Ontario. An all-inclusive week at a 5-star resort right outside a provincial park, in a gorgeous room with a wood-burning fireplace and hot tub is running us around $2000USD – much cheaper than flying to the tropics! And really, when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter where we go. Because I'm pretty sure my main focus will just be spending time with my awesome new husband.

Honeymoon Retreat

[Engagement photo by Haaby Photography ]

So, dear readers…were you faced with a similar financial dilemma when planning your honeymoon? Where did you go? Was it everything you expected?

Much love,

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  • Meg

    We ended up going to Kauai, Hawaii for a week. Biggest thing we did to save money was taking advantage of my membership and booking the entire thing (flight, hotel, car) through AAA's travel agents. We got a great package deal price and were even able to afford the next higher level of room than we had originally anticipated at a resort right on the beach. Absolutely loved it and hope to go back one day to celebrate again 🙂

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  • ibraidhair

    My fiance had planned a surprise romantic trip to Alaska for 2 weeks. Then he got laid off from his job and started college, so we had to find a cheaper alternative. We also had to maneuver our wedding/honeymoon around class schedules. So, we've reserved a cabin in a state park a few hours away and will be staying only a few days. We plan to take a nicer, longer "vacation" when we save up the money and he's between semesters.

  • Rachel

    We're splurging on our honeymoon because it's probably the last time we can take a big trip like that (and have a good excuse to!). We're going to Thailand and Bali, which I am stoked about! I just figure that we spend so much money on one day, I shouldn't feel so guilty about spending much less on a month of memories…

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