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I just wanted to share a little bit of our honeymoon with you, since it's always fun to see where people decide to spend their first week or two as a married couple.

I know that many people struggle with picking “the perfect honeymoon destination”, so here are some tips I wanted to share with the Bride-to-be's to help you in your honeymoon search.

Tip #1: Give yourself a day to recuperate before leaving for your honeymoon.
Depending on how much time you are able to take off work, you may want to go somewhere far or stay close to home. We only had a week so we decided to leave the morning after our wedding. Mistake #1.
Since we had to leave at 6am, we only had about 4 hours of sleep. (I also only got 3 hours the night before.) I have never been that tired in my entire life, but knowing that I had a week to relax made it all worth while. We knew we wanted to go honeymooning in St. Lucia and there were only flights leaving on Sundays, which was why we ended up having to do this.

honeymooning in St. Lucia

Tip#2: Stay in the same time zone
Again, it all depends on where you want to go, and on each person. Some people have always dreamed of cruising the Mediterranean, or a week sipping wine in Tuscany, but go somewhere that you know both you and your husband will enjoy together. My husband really wanted to take me to an all inclusive in the Caribbean, since I had never been there before. St. Lucia was only a 5 hour flight for us and it was really nice not having to adjust to a time change (both going there and coming home). I found that we got to spend all of time enjoying the week, rather than trying to adjust to a new schedule.

honeymooning in St. Lucia

Tip #3: Look for adventure
No matter who you are, or what you like to do, look for a place that offers activities that you can enjoy together. St. Lucia offers many different types of activities and some that even came as part of our all-inclusive package. We went zip-lining as an all day tour of the town along the way which was really cool. It was great to learn more about the culture and see the ‘real' country. Other days we went snorkeling and para sailing.
honeymooning in St. Luciahoneymooning in St. Lucia

 honeymooning in St. LuciaThe most important thing is that you enjoy spending time with each other as a new married couple. It was fun to say on our trip that we had just gotten married, and celebrate with other newlyweds as well! It is the one and only time you will be on your honeymoon, so relish in it! Love each other unconditionally, and celebrate your marriage daily.

honeymooning in St. LuciaHappy Honeymooning!

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Leah is a Toronto Bride planning her Spring 2012 wedding with a $20,000 budget. She is looking forward to marrying her sweetheart of 7.5 years and moving to the big city. She loves fashion, has a slight obsession with organization, and loves spending time with her family.

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  • Michelle

    Hi Leah! Thanks for sharing about your honeymoon to St. Lucia, it’s our number one pick for our honeymoon too! (May 11, 2013!!) What all-inclusive resort did you stay at? I’ve been doing a little research on them but there are just so many to choose from. It looks like you had a wonderful time at yours, so that is why I’m asking so I can do a little more research on it! Thank you so much!

    • May

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m so glad you asked and second your question! We’d like an all-inclusive as well (May 18, 2013) and St. Lucia sounds beautiful! I really like the advice on waiting 1 day to recoup and staying in the same time zone. I’m trying to convince my fiance that a 6am flight after our wedding probably isn’t the best idea…we’ll see what happens!


    • Hi Michelle, Sorry for the late reply, but we stayed at the Sandals Halcyon. I would suggest Sandals La Toc though for a younger crowd, but still a decent sized (not over sized) resort.


  • Leah it looks like you had a great time. You two look adorable. Glad you had fun!

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