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Hoopnotica: A Hula Hoop Fitness Review

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Not only did the West Coast escape a wicked winter this year, but we have been experiencing spring-like weather for the last month or so. I enjoy going to the park to hoop on these 90 degree days (yes, 90 degree days!) when I am not running up & down flights of stairs at work. Over the last two months I made it a challenge to hoop 30 minutes each day for 1 month. I kept my hoops in the car for any chance to complete my 30 minutes daily. My hoops came to work too; I ask my employees after each team meeting to hoop with me. Sharing hooping with co-workers & friends has been fun and a great way to skill swap tricks and share tips. Teaching my friend’s kids to hoop has also been very rewarding.

Hula Hoop Fitness Review
There is no doubt “The Mrs.” or my sparkling white hula hoop will be attending the wedding with us in Las Vegas, but let me tell you about the last 2 months and the experience I had using this fitness tool from Hoopnotica.

Shape, Style, and Fit:

My new Hoopnotica Breakaway has great shape and its adjustable size is nice for more speed when you want it. Currently, I keep the extender piece attached so I don’t lose it on my adventures. From time to time you have to re-secure the connections at the extender, as well as, re-shape the hoop in to a smoother circle. I really like how at all times of the day this hoop stands out. The glitter tape design catches any light including street lamps at night. Inside my hoop I also catch sparkles of light when spinning. The biggest difference from “The Mrs.” and my beat up homemade hoops is their overall weight. The Hoopnotica hoop is noticeably heavier and I did bruise, but it’s to be expected.

Hula Hoop Fitness Review

My Success:

My challenge to hoop turned out to be not 1, but 2 months long. My goal was to lose 2” by the time my dress was delivered. On my first fitting I already needed the corset sides taken in 1-2” inches. Another month later I took the dress to be altered for a total of 5.5” inches taken in; no other alterations from my online dress were needed. Our budget included $100.00 for alterations and I paid $80.00 to our local gown boutique’s seamstress. Not too shabby. In total I lost 16lbs in 60 days hooping 30-60 minutes about 5 times a week. I believe my challenge was a huge success on the waist and on the wallet.

Hula Hoop Fitness Review

My Plans to Hoop:

Like I mentioned, I am sharing this experience with all my friends and giving them an opportunity to hoop together. At the moment I am teaching myself a few new tricks from the Katie Sunshine tutorials, one is called The Vertical Step Through & the other one is a Knee to Waist Transition. You can see those tutorials and more here. And for more Hoopnotica Tips & Tricks visit their website or Like them on Facebook. My next challenge hooping will be to continue practicing and perhaps head down to Venice for a class or two with the best Trainers. Hooping is my new favorite daily workout!

How do you make time for fitness during wedding planning?

*As per my previous post, I was given my hoop for free for review purposes.
All opinions shared here are my own and are in no way influenced by product received.* 

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