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As you can see my little blog has gotten over its issues and all of my photos are back- hooray! So glad that's over. Thanks to everyone who commented or voted on my Save-the-Date ideas! I truly appreciate the feedback and considered every suggestion you all offered to me. You all had some really great ideas and asked questions that truly made me think- especially about who we are as a couple and how the STD would reflect the tone of the wedding- very thought provoking! I DO find it very funny that the one that got the most votes was not of our faces- are you all trying to tell me something? haha! At first I was really overwhelmed with all the suggestions but after some thinking we've decided what we're going to do… of course I will share it with you, but not until I have them printed and in my hands! I think it's a good compromise, even though it's not what I had originally intended to do… but you'll just have to wait and see what I came up with! I'm placing the order this afternoon so as long as I don't get cold feet I should be getting them back really soon.

I got alot of comments and emails asking if I made these myself, and the answer is yes! I am a graphic designer so I am lucky to have the software and mad skillz required to pull it off, but it's really not very difficult! I draw inspiration from so many places and I really enjoy what I do. I am open to doing freelance jobs for anyone who is interested (sorry I haven't gotten time to respond to individual emails this weekend!) I also had a question about the Wordle Save-the-Date, which I talked about here. After you complete the steps from that tutorial, I just copied and pasted the word cloud on top of the photo and voila!- a Wordle/Photo Save-The-Date!

I don't have a whole lot to report other than that, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all of the feedback and support. You guys are AWESOME. Happy Monday!!!

thank you

Made with patterns from here and shapes from here.


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