How to Protect Your Most Precious Memories

Your engagement ring is more than just a bauble. It represents a rare and precious moment in your life with invaluable memories attached that will last your entire lifetime. No matter the actual cost of your ring, the sacred covenant and treasured memories it represents are truly priceless and should be protected. When it comes to budgeting your personal finances or your wedding spend, it is of utmost importance to protect this symbol of your treasured memories by insuring your engagement and wedding rings.

How to Protect Your Most Precious Memories

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One of the first things you should do once you get engaged is to secure an insurance policy for your engagement ring. The yearly investment on an insurance premium is a small price to pay to feel covered, protected and worry-free when it comes to wearing your new bling. On a tight budget and feeling forced to choose between an upgraded linen for your wedding reception tables and protecting your ring? This should really be a no-brainer. Here at The Budget Savvy Bride we like to help couples find perspective — the wedding is just one day, but your rings are a symbol of your love that will last a lifetime. Isn’t that more important in the grand scheme of things?


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Just like it is oh-so-important to have health insurance to cover yourself in case of emergencies, insuring your rings can also offer you peace of mind. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers plans to protect and insure your ring in case of emergency for a low yearly premium that will allow you to wear your jewelry without worry. Their plans offer coverage against damage or loss, and even mysterious disappearance which may not be covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy and certainly not jeweler’s warranties.

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Jewelers Mutual has specialized exclusively in jewelry protection for over 100 years, and was formed by jewelers — so they understand the sentimental value attached to your precious pieces in addition to the monetary value. They will meticulously take notes of every detail of your ring so in case you need a repair or replacement, you’ll receive an indistinguishable piece of the same kind and quality as the original, and more importantly, even get to work with the jeweler of your choice to make that repair or replace the piece.

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Copyright Drew Brashler Photography

Your engagement ring and wedding bands are more than just metal and stone. They are a symbol of your lifelong commitment to each other, and are inexplicably joined to the memories involved in your engagement, proposal, wedding day and marriage. These most precious memories are worth protecting, and doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. Peace of mind is priceless, but thanks to Jewelers Mutual you’ll be worry free at an affordable price.

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Photo by Cimbalik Photography

It’s more than a ring. Insure its true value.


This post was sponsored by Jewelers Mutual. All opinions are our own.

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