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How We Saved Money on Our Honeymoon

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how we saved on our honeymoon

The honeymoon was easy to choose once we finally chose our wedding ceremony location! Adam and I love to scuba dive and we have both been dreaming of diving in Cozumel. Since we are getting married about an hour south of Cancun we are planning on taking the hotel shuttle up from Tulum to Cancun and then taking a ferry to Cozumel. We saved a bunch of money by honeymooning close to where we are going to be married. Mexico is already a tropical location, why not stay right there?! It’s definitely one of the ways we saved money on our honeymoon.

How We Saved Money on our Honeymoon

Scuba Diving on Magnetic Island, Australia 2011 

Our wedding venue is a small eco-resort in Tulum, Mexico. Adam and I are not typically all-inclusive type people, especially since those types of resorts tend to be a little more on the luxury side. But this is our honeymoon! We thought if there is any time to treat ourselves it is on our honeymoon, right?

The best part is we didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money because we used credit card points to pay for our stay at the resort in Cozumel. Our accommodations include all food and drinks for the week! The amount of points to book an all-inclusive wasn’t that much more, and now we don’t have to worry about expenses of food or alcohol. We will have to pay for any off-site activities like diving excursions, of course. I’m hoping we can find some less-touristy dive sites that are off the beaten path. It will be amazing just to relax, dive, and hang out as husband and wife! I seriously can’t wait!

Adam has been saving his CapitalOne venture mile credit card points for years and years. We originally thought we would use them on our flights to New Zealand… when we thought we would be going to graduate school there. Since that didn’t end up happening, we thought the honeymoon is a perfect way to use them. It helps us allocate more money for the actual wedding. Has anyone been to or honeymooned in Cozumel? Any must-see spots!?

So, in short, here’s How We Saved Money on Our Honeymoon

  • By choosing a honeymoon spot close to our destination wedding location
  • By using credit card points to pay for our stay

How are you saving on your honeymoon?


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