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Hello friends!
I've been MIA the past two weeks because I have been frantically preparing for my wedding! I have had several lovely experiences during that time that I will forever remember. I had an amazing and successful bachelorette party on Martha's Vineyard followed by an adorable rehearsal dinner barbecue in the backyard of my fiance's childhood home. I was watching the weather the whole time, not avidly, but I was paying attention. The first time my wedding date showed up on the ten day forecast I was pleasantly surprised to see that it would be seventy-nine and sunny! Amazing luck! I was prepared for rain, but it looked like I was in the clear!
Then that brat Irene came around. Like the rest of the country, I witnessed the east coast slowly going bananas over this impending hurricane as it crept its way towards the states. Then I watched the hysteria grow as the hurricane swept by Florida without touching land. Then I watched the bottled water fly off the shelves as the hurricane touched down in North Carolina. Then I watched the news as NYC was evacuated and declared in a state of emergency. Then I watched the weatherman tell me that the eye of the hurricane would be passing through just seven miles from my venue on the day of the wedding.  Shockingly, I still wasn't panicking.

The morning of my wedding I awoke in western Massachusetts to some heavy rain and my hairstylist calling me to tell me she wasn't venturing out in a hurricane. While I will say it was a tropical storm at best, I didn't want her to risk her life to put a million bobby pins in my hair. And this my friends, is when I started panicking. My bridesmaids kept me moving, kept me calm, and we checked into the hotel to get ready for the big day while pictures of flooding were being splashed upon the television screen.

And then my venue called. They lost power. Hurricane Irene cancelled our wedding.


I know. I also know that I just gave y'all the most dramatic build up in the world, but cancelled? Seriously? We never get hurricanes in Massachusetts on a normal day, nevermind the day of my wedding! I freaked out for a few minutes and then realized I wasn't going to torture myself with crying because although I had spent a year of my life and thousands of dollars on this very disastrous day, it was not anything I could control. My fiance immediately told me that he would be the most upset if the day went by and we didn't get married. After we called everyone on our guest list, we then called our close friends and family to have them meet at the groom's parent's house for a makeshift ceremony. It ended up being hilariously imperfect and thrown together, not at all what I had planned. My husband and I came to the conclusion that we would never really have the wedding we had planned considering that around half of our guests traveled quite a long distance to be there with us on Hurricane Day. Even if we had wanted to bump it a day, the power at our venue was still out.

The day after our wedding day was gorgeous, naturally. We took that opportunity to don our wedding attire for the first time and get those photographs done! Although we had an abundance of phone calls to return, cupcakes, flowers, favors, etc. we managed to make it out the other end alive and happy.

The moral of my sob story is that the best part of a wedding is the marriage. Literally EVERYTHING went wrong for our wedding [or what we had of one] but we said our vows, meant every word, and now we are blissfully, happily, giddily married.

That being said, I am wishing all of you nothing but blue skies for your big days! -Avalon

PS: Pictures to follow, I promise

cancelled wedding

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  • The Linz

    I'm in tears reading this wedding recap! I'm happy for you both that you were able to still get married. And appreciate the humor in the line that Literally everything went wrong – but that marriage was the most important part. Though your wedding day did not go as you planned, it will be forever memorable.

  • Erin

    Thank you for sharing all that and also reminding us all what the day is all about….the life you are starting together. I have been in too many weddings where they are so stressed about the day that I think they forget about what they are about to do. Congratulations to you and your husband for keeping cool and realizing that this day is about you two…not the flowers, the decorations, etc.

  • Oh you poor thing! I am so very sorry. But you are so right-you should spend more time preparing for the marriage instead of the day and now you get the best gift-a companion for life. Because there will be more storms to face and luckily you can face them together, head on and call them Irene if need be! 🙂

  • Welcome back! I'm glad your bachelorette party went smooth. We live in FL and thought it was hilarious hearing how everyone was acting. We actually got more rain this week than last!

  • What a beautiful lesson for brides-to-be! I am so sorry to hear about all of the many things that went wrong on your big day, but heartened to hear about something that went so right–your marriage. Congratulations to you and your amazing attitude.

    I'd love to hear more about your day! What was the "small" reception like? Did you get to hang out with your family members from far away? Did you get your money back on wedding goods? Will you have a big ceremony some day? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • So sorry to hear about how the "big day" actually went down. I'm so glad that everything worked out in the end. And jealous of your bachelorette on Martha's Vineyard! That's my favorite place in the world, and I can't wait to bring my fiance (then hubby!) up next year for a family wedding.

  • Kay

    So sorry to hear about the weather! That darn Irene! Thank you for the reminder that there are more important things in regards to a wedding that just the space you reserved. It sounds like you had a memorable time and enjoyed that closeness with your friends and family. Go you!

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