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Here at BSB my goal is to provide you with resources and ideas to help you have a frugally fabulous wedding- and being good with your wedding budget starts with being good with your day-to-day finances as well. This is why our partnership with LearnVest is such a perfect marriage! They have so much incredible and helpful information when it comes to your finances- from the basics of budgeting to high level stuff like saving for retirement and more.

It's such a funny thing- I feel like I've always been fairly frugal, a decent budgeter… but I had no idea there was SO much that I was doing wrong or just needed to learn about until I started working with and using LearnVest. I absolutely love their Money Center where you can sync ALL of your financial accounts into your profile- I'm talking everything from your checking and savings accounts, student loans, credit cards, 401Ks etc- to get a REAL picture of where you are financially. Talk about amazing!

Screenshot 2013-10-28 13.24.27

  1. First of all- it's gorgeously designed. The visual tools make it easy to get an overview of your finances at any given time. I can even choose the colors for each of my category expense folders- commence geeking out!
  2. Second- their categorizing and foldering system is so incredibly organized it touches me somewhere deep inside. It makes me feel ORGANIZED and on track when it comes to my money. I can see very clearly where everything is going. (In all honesty I am obsessed with foldering my transactions… it makes me giddy.)
  3. Third- the basic use of the money management tools is absolutely FREE! If you're looking for expert help and advice, LearnVest also offers financial planning expert services from certified financial planners across the country at incredibly affordable rates, if you're interested in that. (I personally have been using their CFP services for several months and am amazed at how much I've learned and implemented already. If you're interested in signing up for their 5-year-planner services, click here for more info.)
  4. Another reason why I LOVE LearnVest is that it was originally created for women, by an incredibly fabulous woman– so I feel like it just kinda ‘gets' me, in a way.
  5. They even have a fabulous iPhone app so you can take your money management and foldering functions on-the-go!! (They also just recently released an iPad app!)

learnvest iphone app

Another great FREE resource that LearnVest has to offer, is the Getting Hitched Bootcamp!

getting hitched bootcamp

In this FREE 7-day online program you’ll:

  • See Where You’re Starting From: Learn about each other’s money personalities and find out your current financial situations.
  • Set Up Your Financial Lives: Start all the paperwork you’ll need, and set up a system for the household finances.
  • Kicking off your Future: Get some tips for the long haul, as well as for immediate big expenses: the wedding and honeymoon.

To sign up, click the button below! Again, you’ll get free access to this 7-day program complete with exercises for you and your partner to complete together to ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to finances. I can’t recommend this enough! Have I mentioned, it’s FREE? What are you waiting for?


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