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Is it just me or do most people (brides) just hate those dyeable shoes? I mean, what's so bad about them? I'd rather dye because they come in a range of styles and prices to fit any budget, and can be dyed to exactly match your color scheme… I just don't see the bad part! I found all of these pretty ladies at the Dyeable Shoe Store and I thought they were all really nice looking! I especially love the d'orsay! What do you all think?

dyeable shoes

And to add a little extra sparkle- these shoe clips are all under $20 from the same store! Super chic! 🙂
shoes clips dyeable shoes


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  • Guilty Secret

    I guess they’re just becoming less popular now. It’s an undeniably useful thing to get dyeable shoes… personally I make such a mess of satin I’d only get one use out of them!

  • haha so i am kind of skeptical of the dyeable shoe, but i checkout the link anyways. and wouldn’t you know, my eye falls straighten the pair for $239… typical 🙂

  • I think that the dye-able shoes that you posted are fantastic. Most of the time, though, when I think dye-able shoes, I think the ones that payless & walmart carry & would rather just buy a cute shoe that’s the colour I want without having to go through the hassle of sying it & it maybe not turning out how I was imagining.

  • I had such a bad experience with them years ago. on my cousin’s rainy wedding day, i stepped into a puddle and my shoes bled. not fun.

  • Jessica

    Those shoe clips are too cute! I’ve been eyeing the ones over at Absolutely Audrey, but these are slightly cheaper!

  • mandy

    love the idea of a dyeable shoe…but my girlfriend directed me not to use them – she had worn them before for a friend’s wedding and the slightest water mark (think dew in the field/grass where you might be walking) made them leave water spots and 1) looked horrible for the rest of the day and 2) were never able to be worn again! …so just a couple thoughts before you plunge into them!! happy planning! –mandy from detroit (september 09 bride)

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