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So pretty much in any given week I download hundreds of images. Images from photographers, random websites I've found through Google, or other wedding blogs. I'm a wedding photography p*rn addict, and I'm a packrat- I just can't let these images go! So I thought I'd share with you some random pieces that I've found over the last few months that I just love! Be forewarned- they have no relation to each other… haha.

wedding photography
I LOVE this e-pic of Miss Cupcake and her hubby-to-be. So childlike and sweet!

wedding photography

wedding photography wedding photography

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  • You saved the best for last with that sparkler shot! Perfection!! Definitely made me add “sparklers” to my wedding list!

  • yay for my fabulous photographer, kelly moore!!!!

  • Great pics. Visit my blog I have a gift for you.

  • OMG – Miss Cupcake will be thrilled you showed her photo. The wedding was just last weekend and was totally FABULOUS!!

  • cara

    aww i love the one with the couple on their Macs! that would be PERFECT for me & my almostfiance b/c we both have Macs & we met online. i totally want to do that!

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