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Hey Ladies!

I'm so excited to be here that I will warn you, I might start babbling. Before I get ahead of myself I will start with an introduction! My name is Avalon and I am a 23 y.o. Administrative Assistant fresh out of college [Ack! The real world!]. My fiance's name is Benjamin and he is 24 and rockin' it as a retail manager with plans of being an elementary school teacher. Ben and I grew up in the small-ish college town of Amherst, Massachusetts where we still live today with our stubborn and grumpy cat Dilbert.  We went to middle school, high school, and college together but didn't make our love connection until he rescued me from eating alone at the university dining hall. We quickly became inseparable and the best of friends. As cliche as it sounds, I knew right away Ben was the guy I wanted to marry. He is smart, hilarious and can find the fun in literally any situation [ie layovers, grocery shopping, spring cleaning].

Needless to say when I walked into our apartment on that September evening and found a few dozen roses and a card at my feet, I knew what was coming! Ben had taken the time to set up an elaborate treasure hunt all around our apartment with the most difficult clues he could think of. Brimming with excitement I asked Ben repeatedly to just give me the answers, but he stayed strong probably enjoying my franticness. After what felt like years I finally finished the hunt and was met by three homemade flip-books. The first flip-book said “past” and depicted us as stick figure kids growing up and the second flip book said “present” with us again as stick figures. The third flip-book said “future” and was just full of question marks, and on the last page was an engagement ring! I think I probably screamed and jumped up and down before I obviously said yes.

We've been planning up a storm and we are so excited to be gettin' hitched on August 28th, 2011, which suddenly feels right around the corner! We were shooting for 100 guests, but after looking over our guest list it has somehow climbed up to 150. Both our ceremony and reception will be held at a park in Florence, MA that also has paddle-boats, bumper cars, and a petting zoo…just in case the guests get bored! Given that we both just graduated we are more rolling in student loans and rent than the dough, so our budget is as close to 10K as possible. I'm not what you would call exceptionally crafty but I do my best with inspiration from Michael's craft store and wedding blogs. I spend some of everyday that I am at my work computer browsing blog after blog looking for ideas for my own big day. I am banking on DIY projects for the majority of our reception and ceremony decorations which is evident by the permanent place my sewing machine has taken up on my dining room table! I am planning on whipping up some centerpieces, favors, food table decorations, and much much more.

Wedding blogs are such an amazing resource for brides today, especially the budget savvy ones! I am eager to finish planning my wedding and thankful for the opportunity to share my road to eventual wedded bliss with ya'll!

One of the favorites from our engagement shoot!



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