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Inspiration Boards - It's All in the Details

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Michelle Eaton

It seems to me that inspiration boards are fairly popular when it comes to planning a wedding. To be quite frank, I found them to be a bit silly. Meaning, do I really need to take the time to put together a digital collage of other people’s ideas?  Will this somehow manifest itself into a useful planning tool? Okay, so I still think they’re silly BUT I have to admit that after I took a bit of time during a lunch break about 2 weeks ago I’m embarrassed to say that it was kinda fun — okay, okay — it was really fun.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about putting one together so a quick Google search afforded me a plethora of options and templates. Most of the better ones you have to subscribe to and I was just looking for something quick and simple. After giving a few dozen a look I pretty much figured the best way to make one would be to use PowerPoint (no signing up to some rando website and easily can be converted into a jpeg file for swift sharing).

This one below is a collection of items and tutorials that I have come across via the interwebs that I would like to incorporate into our reception decor. In my previous post I wrote about how Japh and I will be having both our ceremony and reception at a bookstore, and with all of the gorgeous wood bookcases and steel spiral staircase we don’t want to overwhelm the space with too much.  I also threw in a photo of my engagement ring for good measure 😉


Inspiration Boards

Starting from the top right and working right to left, line by line–like a book:

1)  Orange crepe paper flowers. We’ve decided that fresh cut flowers are just too expensive and I’ve always enjoyed the idea of paper flowers that can be made months in advanced in the exact colors / shapes that we want. I came across this straightforward tutorial titled “Make Flowers From Crepe Paper” from a nifty little site called How About Orange. Thus far this is my favorite DIY project. Once I have a good handle on these I will update you all on the progress.

2)  Tree branch centerpieces. Japh is from a very small town in Northern New Jersey. It’s nothing like the shenanigans that we see on the Jersey Shore. He grew up in a log cabin that his folks still live in to this day. It’s gorgeous where he grew up. It’s also very very country, and for a city gal like me the novelty of lots and lots of trees is just darling. In any case, as a way to add a rustic edge we’re thinking branch centerpieces similar to the ones pictured (photo source: weddingwindow.com). I really like the idea of the tea light candles but I’m not certain if they’ll allow us to have open flames near books…

3)  Book paper flowers. This photo came from an engagement shoot that I found on the site Green Wedding Shoes. One of the ideas that we have been tossing around is utilizing book paper for the bouquets and boutineers.

4) Old Books. “I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany” – Ron Burgundy (photo source: uncertain, this is one of the many internet clippings that I have saved and cannot recall from where).

5)  Yellow paper flowers with twigs. I adore Talk Crafty to Me.

6)  Stacked books with tin can accent. I have no idea where I found this but it does encompass the concept we’re moving towards.

7)  Library return cards. These will be used in our invitations.

8)  Yellow diamond ring. Since our engagement just sort of happened one evening, we didn’t have a ring. I used to design and make jewelry so needless to say I am pretty particular about my gems. I’ve never been a fan of white diamonds but a yellow diamond? Oh yea, I can get behind that. For funsies I started checking about Etsy.com for the perfect non-descript ring (I’ve never enjoyed flashy. Also I tend to lose things so something stupid expensive would just make me uncomfortable. Also, we have a $15k total budget and that includes the engagement ring) and I came across Louisa’s Gallery. Lousia’s designs are right up my alley and her prices are fantastic. Unfortunately the ring that I fell for was $510. Now, perhaps to many people that isn’t a lot of money for an engagement ring but it just didn’t fit within our budget. We decided to send an email to the designer to ask if there was any wiggle room with the final price and she replied that if we were okay with a slightly thinner band that she’d lower the price to a flat $400 and throw in insurance and shipping. SOLD! I had been eying some of her simple stack-able rings to use as a wedding band so the minor loss in the e-ring will be made up for in the band.  Here’s a larger shot of the ring:

Inspiration Boards
Lovely, isn’t it?

9)  Penguin Classics book jacket design (source: Orange Crate Art. This was the initial inspiration for our Save the Dates (that have been designed by Japh but I just haven’t gotten around to printing them at work).

10)  Married couple & typewriter (source: C Star Events). Japh collects old typewriters and we’ll be using one of his as our guest book.

What sort of DIY aspects are you accenting your wedding with? Also, any tips, tricks and the like would be greatly appreciated!

Inspiration Boards

Michelle Eaton

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.