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Into the Wedding Countdown

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Erin Zimmerman

{This post was written prior to Erin’s wedding, which took place a couple of weeks ago. Read below to see how she was feeling leading up to the big day!}


So, we’re officially 8 days from the wedding, which means I’ve started obsessively checking the 10 day forecast to see what the weather has in store for next Saturday. So far, so good! 65 degrees, sunny, 0% chance of rain. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this to you all or not but being Catholic, we have little things that we do like putting a Mary statue in your window when you don’t want it to rain. Nick mentioned that he needed to remember to put Mary in the window before we leave on Wednesday. I reminded him that we don’t care if it rains in Baltimore, so we’re bringing Mary with us to Ocean City and will put her in the window there!

Other last minute things on my list:

  • Fix my veil, the comb I sewed in there is too small and doesn’t feel secure so I’m going to add a new comb to it and re-sew it. I hope to share some pictures of that project soon.
  • Find a necklace to wear, if I could find the one I wore for my sister’s wedding, that would be perfect. I can’t find it though, so I’m headed to the mall this weekend to hopefully find something that will work!
  • Assemble menu cards and programs over the weekend
  • Make lists and organize boxes for the trip down so we can make sure we don’t forget anything! Running home isn’t an option when home is 3 hours away!
  • Redo some table assignments, had some last minute RSVPS that were regrets, which was a family of 4 and a family of 3 – crap!
  • Send chair covers home with my best friend and let my mom work some magic on them to get them less wrinkly!
  • Scan and print family wedding photos for our display
  • Hundreds of other little tasks that will pop up!

I can’t believe we’re getting down to the wire. I’m so excited to marry my best friend in the entire world and to spend the rest of our lives together. I’m so excited for our wedding and hope that everything goes well. However, I know the only thing that matters is that at the end of the day, I’m married to Nick and that we’ve made that commitment to eachother in front of our family and friends.

Image via Gillette Portrait Arts


Erin Zimmerman

is a teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She got married 2012 in Ocean City, MD. You can read her wedding planning posts here.