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Introducing Anna

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My fiancé Addison and I have a crazy fateful story, which led us to a speedy engagement and a short timeline to prepare for the wedding! He and I worked together at a restaurant when I was going to college in 2011. We lost contact after a year or so, and then in 2013 we were brought together once again by our jobs—this time working for an IT firm in Dallas. Having worked together once before came in handy when, shortly after he was hired, I was promoted to the marketing department where we worked side-by-side on creative projects for up to 12 hours a day. Still with my college sweetheart, and not wanting to jeopardize my job, I sat down with my parents to talk about what I needed to do. It became clear during our talk that I was head over heels for this friend of mine, and if I could work with him all day and then leave work to play music with him for fun—we must have been brought together by more than just a job. I quickly took a few appropriate steps to start dating Addison, and within weeks we were talking about marriage. BAM!


The wedding is February 28, 2015 and once we’re hitched we will have been together for less than a year! Crazy, huh? So naturally, we’ve got a lot to do, let’s get to it shall we?

Here’s my ideal budget breakdown as I see it right now:

  • Ceremony Venue: Free
  • Reception Venue PLUS Cost of Food/Snacks/Drinks: $1,700
  • Mailers and Prints: $200 (DIY, we’re in marketing for crying out loud!)
  • Dress: $330 (already purchased)
  • Décor: $300
  • Flowers: $500

A 3k budget is going to be tough, but luckily I won’t have too much time to elaborate on my plans.

I’m not the kind of girl that grew up with a traditional wedding day in mind, I never even had a board a Pinterest to speak of! In fact, we haven’t even sent out Save the Dates! Some call me crazy, I like to think I’m gutsy. I truly dread the idea of a day that’s all about me, birthdays are torture enough… but elopement simply isn’t an option for our happy families. Luckily, I’m an event planner these days so I have that working in my favor! So far I’ve been doing research on what traditional weddings entail, and I’ve been able to weed-out some of the details about most weddings that I think tend to overcomplicate things.

I’m focusing my energies on the reception because that is where our families and friends will be coming together for the first time. I want to be able to feed everyone and have a casual talent show as a way for everyone to become familiar with one another in a fun and light-hearted manner. And I want all of the magic to be laced in grays and muted colors, because I naturally gravitate to them and I plan to repurpose a lot of what I already own as decoration for the reception.

Stay with me as we break the news to our boss, and figure out this whole “wedding” thing…it’s bound to be an exciting 3 months!

Anna Gilbert

is a Texas strawberry with a chameleon, big goals, high standards and waaay too many hobbies.