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Introducing The Boler!

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Julie Williams

This is very exciting news in the land of Adam & Julie’s wedding plans. We got our hands on a Boler for our rapidly approaching bushparty camping wedding! For those who are out of the loop, Boler is Canadian for “awesome 13-foot-vintage-egg-shaped-camping-trailer”.

Like most guys, Adam has been incredibly easygoing about this whole wedding shebang…he has happily handed over free-reign of the design to me [& our mums…& my aunts.] However, on a camping trip to Jasper last summer, we noticed a few Boler trailers on the road. He said something about how handy a unit like that would be for our little impromptu midweek camping trips. I mentioned something about how incredibly perfect it would be for the campsite wedding which we were planning. Not to mention the Vegas/Moab/Oregon Coast honeymoon roadtrip we’ve began discussing.

Ever since that day spent in the car, this Boler has been the one thing he has been adamant about for our wedding. He has been on a mission scouring supermarket cork boards, Kijiji, Craigslist and other online classified sites that I didn’t even know existed to find us the perfect 13-foot egg-shaped 1970′s camping trailer. Did you know these little guys are hard to get your hands on these days? Apparently they are a hot item at the moment. Plenty out there, but as soon as they hit the market they are gone. Gone for an absolutely insane price, at that.

Finally, we got in touch with a lovely gal, Morgan who had just put her beloved Boler up for sale. As soon as we were able to set up a date, we bolted into the city to take a peek at the sought-after RV before someone else snagged it up. To be honest, I was hoping for a bit more of an “original” feel on the interior. You know, bad paisley curtains, scratchy brown and orange tweed upholstery and really horrible, coordinating floral linoleum. [I’m dead serious.]

Being the aesthetically picky one in the relationship, at first glance, I wasn’t 100% sold. Adam [the technically picky one in the relationship] did the top-to-bottom and front-to-back inspection while I chatted with Morgan. It turns out she and her husband hosted a camping wedding several years ago. And then they had an epic honeymoon camp trip in the Boler – exactly our intentions for the impending purchase. The story pulled at my heartstrings a bit, and made me feel as thought this was the Boler which was meant for us. She said that they would sell it to us on one condition: that we promised to give them first dibs if we ever decided to sell. This simple request instilled a great deal of confidence in the overall working-order of the potentially rickety 39-year-old RV.

In the coming months we will be taking a stab at our first “home reno”…we’ll test our home improvement skills and patience on these 70 square feet before we think about tackling a full on fixer-upper as first time homeowners. Stay tuned for the progress [ie: blood, sweat and tears]. I’m just smitten with our new little home on wheels. To be honest, of all things the Boler will be our biggest “splurge” associated to the wedding. However, I can only imagine the happy times and adventures this little guy will offer us in the next few years…so I’m not really counting it towards the official wedding budget.

We finally caught a sunny evening so we took the little guy out for the official photo shoot. I hope you all think this 39 year-old piece of crap is even half as cool as we do! And please take note of Adam’s coordinating Boler tshirt – a birthday gift from his sister.

Don’t you love it?

Canadian Boler

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